How to Use Google Ads Optimization Score to Make Better Ads

by Imtiyaz Alam Mind Digital Group

If you want to create an advertisement in Google perfectly then you need:

·       Creativity

·       Time

·       Testing

However, if there is a shortage of time and in a limited time you want to test various advertisements then what will you do? In this case, you can go to the recommendations section of Google Ads and use the optimization score of Google.

To estimate the performance of Google Ads the optimization score can help you a lot. For optimizing the campaigns, you can take the help of personalized recommendations and a 0-100 % score.

In your account, you may have specified goals of your campaign and these goals help in creating better ads. All this comes under the recommendations of Google Ads. For tracking the progress of your campaign, you can see the changes in the optimization score. Along with this by clicking only once, applying or dismissing the recommendations is possible. Now I am going to tell you how to use the Google Ads optimization score to make better ads.

Recommendations of Google Ads

We can say that an advertising channel that is invaluable is Google Ads. There are a lot of clicks nearly 65 % that Google Ads receives.

From the campaigns of Google Ads, the advertisers can get so much on the basis of tailored suggestions. You can get automatic Google Ads recommendations always. For increasing conversions and improving click-through-rate, opportunities are identified by these recommendations. Along with this increasing return on ad spend (ROAS) and reaching a large number of right people is possible because of these recommendations.

For facilitating those recommendations that are personalized and boosting the optimization score, machine learning helps a lot. In order to know the best performer among conversion data and your ads, an analysis is performed over these two by Google. Then trying out various suggested improvements becomes possible because of the variations that Google creates.

It is basically a continuously occurring process. Here:

·       Testing of variations occurs

·       Best performers are determined on the basis of the processing of results

·       If something works best then it is recommended as a new variation

Because of this, you will get ever-evolving ads.

Driving conversions with the help of recommendations of Google Ads

For achieving conversions, the advertisers are always ready to make efforts. Suppose in the first position the ads exist then you need to think about improving CTR. Making improvements in CTR is the goal of a lot of recommendations of Google Ads. The conversion rate will be higher if CTR is higher. There are 4 categories of recommendations of Google Ads:

·       Ads and extensions

·       Targeting and keywords

·       Budgets and bids

·       Repairs

For boosting conversions, we can leverage the recommendations of 4 kinds as mentioned above.

1.Deliver better performance by creating and testing various versions of the ad – By testing various variations you can determine the best performing ads. Because of this reason the recommendations known as “Ads and Extensions” have been created by Google. Creating new ads and tweaking existing ones comes under this feature. Copy variations will be recommended by the search engine after doing an ad performance analysis.

2.Go for extending your ad’s reach – “Targeting and keywords” is a category that comes under the recommendations of Google Ads. Optimizing the reach becomes possible because of this.

3.Do bidding in a smarter way – The bidding has to be performed on certain keywords and the selection of the keywords depends on you. Calculations are performed by Google at that time when for bidding on certain keywords, a search query is run by a user. For a certain keyword, the most relevant ads are grouped together by Google. After that, the highest bid ads are determined by it. The ad auction is usually won by the highest bid as well as the most relevant ad. “Budgets and bids” is a category of recommendations of Google Ads which will help in optimizing the strategy of bidding.

4.Always remain on the account health’s top – The recommendations of Google Ads have a final category known as the “Repairs”. It will help you in getting information about a rejected ad and broken links if any. With this, maintaining the good health of your account is possible.

For the growth of your online business, solutions of digital marketing can play a very important role and you can get these solutions at a digital marketing company.

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