How to Use CTRL+ALT+DEL on a Remote Computer via Remote Desktop

by Lucia Mandela software

Performing CTRL+ALT+DEL on a remote computer using the remote desktop software could be challenging for a newbie. In this article, today, we will learn how to perform the CTRL+ALT +Del command remotely on a remote desktop computer. You can easily use this key combination on your computer straightly, but doing the same on a remote desktop computer can be a lot more difficult and confusing.

In a remote computer, most of the key combination commands don’t work as they do while accessed directly. Many remote PC users have found this issue challenging. Therefore, we have decided to provide you with a complete solution for this remote desktop command issue. Let’s dive in.  

What is Remote Desktop and How It Works?

When you connect a computer to another computer device via the internet to get access to the first computer, it is known as a remote desktop. There are a plethora of software to get this done you can easily create a remote desktop by downloading a Remote Desktop program in your devices and once that done user need to follow the instructions mentioned in the software to create a remote desktop connection.

Once a computer is connected for remote accessing, you can use the first device with your computer that is located far away from it. This means the remote computer will allow you to get full control of the first computer. There are some limitations of the remote desktop such as performing a few shortcut key commands can be challenging.

Accessing CTRL+ALT+DEL via Remote Desktop

You have tried to perform this command on your remote computer, but it is not showing up any signs that your remote device is even reacting to it. This happens because your computer is using this command and not sending it to your remotely connected PC. Many tech experts already know that some key combination commands don’t work on a remote desktop. CTRL+CLT+DELETE is one of those key combinations which cannot be used on a remote connection.  

No need to worry! We have got your back.

Let’s learn how to use this command on your remote computer via these two solutions:

  1. Using CTRL+ALT+END as a replacement for CTRL+ALT+DEL
  2. Performing the command via Screen Keyboard.  

Solution 1: Perform CTRL+ALT+DEL via CTRL+ALT+END

Using the CRTL+ALT+END key combination, you can easily access the same command. On a remote computer, the END key works as the ALT key. The END key is mostly located in two places of your keyboard:

  1. One on the numeric pad
  2. The other END key is located near the Home key.
  3. In case your laptop has a smaller keyboard without numeric pad then, you need to use the Fn or function key.
  4. To perform this command on a laptop with a small keypad, simply press the CTRL+ALT+END+FN keys at the same time.

This method will surely allow you to access the CTRL+ALT+Del key command on a remote computer as well.

Solution 2: Using the On-Screen Keyboard

Using a screen keyboard, you can flawlessly access the desired command on a remote connection. To make CTRL+ALT+DEL command on a remote connection computer via screen keyboard, obey the instructions mentioned down here:

  1. Head to Start Menu.
  2. Put in On-screen keyboard.
  3. Choose the best matching result.
  4. When the on-screen keyboard triggers on the screen, hold down the CTRL + ALT keys on your PC’s keyboard.
  5. Then press the DEL key on the on-screen keyboard at the same time to perform the command.
  6. After that release, the keys and the command will then work.

I’m Marco Nixon. I am a specialist in information security and digital forensics with over 5+ years of experience. Expert with a wide variety of security, networking, and operating system software.  I’m interested to write about Cybersecurity,  malware, the internet, and new media. He writes for mcafee security products at


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