How to Use Armor abilities in Halo Reach

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Halo Reach Armor developers have fulfilled the demands of their fans by releasing a PC version of their game. New gamers will find lots of difficulty in playing the game as there are several aspects that need to be understood before playing the game. The Armor ability is one of the major aspects that every player of Halo: Reach must be aware of. Below we have gathered a proper guide that will help you to understand all the Armor abilities of Halo Reach.

How to Use Armor abilities in Halo Reach

Armor Lock

This one is the most prominent section of Halo: Reach as it allows the player to trounce their enemies. The unlocking of Armor lock will protect players from several powerful weapons such as Tankfire, speeding vehicles, SARS, Bee stings, Paper Cutsnone, and Rockets. The Armor lock ability works by activation and deactivation, the above-discussed rewards that are being availed to the player after activating the Armor Lock ability and an EMP shockwave can be conducted by deactivating the Armor Lock ability. There is only one con in Armor Lock’s ability is that it limits you to only one place until it is being activated. There is numerous aspect that this Armor lock ability obtains though the specification made it a useful and significant part in Halo: Reach.

Jet Pack

It is another important ability that favors the players in Halo: Reach though it helps players to get a flying escape or to attain an advantage of flying. There is numerous possible mission that can be accomplished by using Jet Pack such as attaining of best firing spot for the perfect shot, and it helps players to move faster at distinct places and, it also helps to defend yourself from several attacks of enemies.

Drop shield

It is a dome that covered the player and defended it against the attack of the enemy. This shield is a layer that has the tendency to revitalize the player’s health back to normal though it is a high ability Armor that players should use.

Active Camo

This ability has been gone under a few changes, and now they have been included in it. This ability has the tendency that implements the player with the power of Invisible. This is one of the best abilities of this game as it favors you a lot against the enemy, and it works much better when the player will share it with the whole team. As fighting with the invisible team is much harder than fighting with invisible individuals, though, it is even hard for the sniper to scan you while you and your team are invisible.


It is an ability that helps the player to distract their enemies in Halo: Reach by making a fake object or animal. This distraction leads your enemies to the confusion and thus provides you time to tackle them. This is one of the best ability as using it is very easy and a sort of tricky that embrace players mind with joy.


The name of the ability tells so much about its feature though it allows the place to run or attack as fast as possible. This ability surrounds the player’s gaming experience with so much fun because speed is the only thing that everybody is intrigued to attain. The only downside is that this ability to acquire a horrible noise.


This ability summons the player to even tackle the act of god, aka death though it allows players to defend themselves from every bullet, grenades even from humongous powerful rocket weapons. Thus, it is the best ability that any player can attain in Halo: Reach.

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