How to up your iTunes Gift Card Marketing Game

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iTunes is Apple's marketplace for a range of things, including entertainment, software, and media. If someone gets an iTunes gift card, they can use it to buy movies, apps, music, books, and so on. They can even sell iTunes card for some cash.

iTunes gift cards are one of the most popular iPad and iPhone-related gifts and are commonly issued for holidays, birthdays among other occasions. These cards offer a chunk of money that can be utilized to purchase any of the incredible media, as well as other content on offer at the iTunes Store, Apple Book Store, App Store, etc. As a business person who is looking to stand out in the marketplace, you can use iTunes gift cards to gain an edge over your peers.

In this article, we will highlight some of the ways that you can improve your iTunes gift card marketing.

Offer physical and digital cards

Today's clients are very selective when it comes to what they want and what they don't want. They are also suckers for convenience. So, if you're going to stand out above the rest, it may be a good idea to provide the solutions to their pain points. Since these clients want to buy and shop whenever they feel like it, whether physically or virtually, you should ensure that your gift cards can suit their preferences. Using digital cards is a great way to do this – it allows clients to buy the cards online and email them to their family or friends or even purchase something. Physical cards can also go along way for clients who go shopping in person. 

Create a guide

It's easy to assume that in this technological age, people have access to all sought of information. The reality is not everyone who owns an Apple device knows about iTunes gift cards. So, you may want to let those who are receiving the gift card know how they can use it. For instance, tell them that they can use the card to buy Apple products, and show them how to do it. They should also know that they can sell iTunes card for some cash. A guide can excite the recipient about what you are offering, and that's a great way to increase customer loyalty.
Encourage treating yourself

Many people are buying gift cards for their own use as opposed to gifting someone else. You can use this to your advantage. Encourage your clients to treat themselves by coming up with a social media or email campaign that encourages buying gift cards for personal use. Better yet, create a loyalty program to encourage clients to return and use the cards for rewards. It's a great way of creating a loyal customer base and even enhances referral rates.

Offer a gift card as a reward for referrals

As a business person, you understand the value that references can have in your business. People trust their friends, family, and even colleagues more than they do a TV commercial or a billboard. By offering gift cards for referrals, you get to bring in more clients who will be willing to get your product because they have been endorsed by the people they already know. It's a win-win situation for you and those who are doing the referral for you.

Use the cards upsell or loyalty reward

iTunes gift cards can be a great way to reward loyal clients. If you have a program based on how much the customer spends on your shop or the number of products they purchase from you, providing a card that gives them access to a range of free digital products or even money is enough to tell them thank you and encourage them to come back to your store. 

Promote gift cards for holidays

As stated earlier, gift cards are big during holidays – including Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Days, and so on. Take advantage of these holidays, but don't forget about the minor holidays that come along. Encourage your clients to celebrate holidays like Mother's Day, Father's Day, national ice cream day, or even teacher appreciation day. You can also come up with your own holiday.

Offer purchase incentives

Due to the power of human perception, even the slightest discount on a particular product will probably make it appealing to potential customers. For instance, when a consumer purchases a gift for a specific amount, you can add a separate card or lower the gift card cost by a small percentage.
Whatever the discount or incentive technique you decide to use, always make your staff is aware of it so that they can explain it to their prospective clients. Encourage clients to purchase your gift cards by offering discounts or additional bonus gifts when they redeem the gift card.

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