How to Turn On Dark Mode in Computer, Phones, and Gaming Console

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So, you also like black color, want to see everything on your devices in the black theme? Just enable dark mode on it. It is the feature that changes an app, program, or entire user interface of device in black theme. The dark mode is also a useful feature for those who work in a dark environment. Because it makes it easier for eyes to look at the screen without constraint, the dark mode also saves a certain amount of battery of the device has OLED display. Nowadays, most devices and even apps support and provide an inbuilt Dark mode feature. You can easily activate the feature on your to see everything in the dark theme. So, if you also want to change the theme in your device, follow this guide.

Guide to turn on dark mode in computers, phones, and gaming console.

In this guide, along with enabling dark theme in your Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, you’ll also learn about activating dark mode in PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Let’s start with the phones.

How to enable dark mode in Android and iOS Smartphones and tabs

In iPhones:

If you’re an old iPhone user, then you might know that it doesn’t have a specific dark mode feature. Although, from iOS 12, Apple offers an accessibility feature that works almost like that i.e., Smart Invert. It inverts the color theme of most of the apps that are pre-installed in your smartphone and support dark mode. Follow these steps to try Smart Invert color feature in your iPhone.

1. Unlock your iPhone and tap on the ‘Settings’ app icon.

2. Open ‘General’ settings.

3. Select ‘Accessibility.’

4. Go into ‘Display Accommodations’ settings.

5. Now, search and open ‘Invert Colors.’

6. Turn on the switch of ‘Smart Invert.’

In Android:

The Android operating system also provides an Invert color feature in almost all the Android device. But, in some recent Android version, Android added a specific function for dark mode.

1. Open ‘Settings’ in your Android device.

2. Go to ‘Display’ settings.

3. Open ‘Advanced’ settings menu.

4. Tap on the ‘Device theme.’

5. select ‘Dark’ in the pop up to enable dark theme.

If your smartphone doesn’t have the Device theme option, then you can use Color Invert from Accessibility.

How to turn on Dark mode in computers

In Mac:

Latest macOS version, Mojave comes with the dark mode feature. It changes the complete user interface in black theme and also turns on dark mode in many third-party applications that support it such as Chrome and Firefox. If your Mac is also running on macOS Mojave, follow these steps to turn on dark mode in it.

1. From the Apple menu and open ‘System Preferences.’

2. Select ‘General.’

3. Now, at the top under Appearance section in the General window, you’ll find an option to enable dark mode. Switch the mode to dark.

Dark theme will apply on your Mac and in most of the program, but in some applications, you need to enable it manually.

In Windows:

Windows 10 has an inbuilt dark mode feature in System settings that changes the appearance in the dark theme. The settings will also apply in many programs.

1. Open the ‘Personalization’ settings. You can simply go there by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting ‘Personalization’ from the menu. Alternatively, open the ‘Settings’ or ‘Control Panel’ and find it there.

2. When you’re in the Personalization menu, click on the click on ‘Colors’ in the left bar.

3. Now, choose ‘Dark’ in the App Mode.

This will activate the dark theme on your Windows 10 PC.

How to turn on Dark mode in Gaming Console

In PS4:

1. Open ‘Settings’.

2. Click on ‘Themes.’

3. Click on ‘Default.’

4. From here, you can choose a dark background.

There isn’t any inbuilt feature in PlayStation 4 to turn on dark mode. So, if this doesn’t help you, you can download and try a theme.

In Xbox One:

1. Open ‘Settings’.

2. Select ‘Personalization.’

3. Open ‘Theme and motion’.

4. Turn on the dark mode.

You can also set a specified time to enable and disable dark mode automatically.

In Nintendo Switch:

1. Open ‘Settings’.

2. Go to ‘Themes.’

3. Enable the Basic Black option.

The dark mode is activated in your  Switch.

Tips: Download the third party application on your device to use dark mode with various options.

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