How to Take Care for Your Unique Persian Kitty


The Persian Kitty is a unique breed with many wonderful characteristics and they make incredible companions. Cats are a group of dignified species of carnivorous animals. In today’s advancing world where everyone is stressed out, cats, among other pets, are considered to be wonderful buddies. After being worshipped by ancient Egyptians, cats have proved to be a docile pet for the modern man.

Among other cat breeds, the Persian kitty stands out as one of the preferred pets by people of every age children to the elderly. Their thick glossy coat with large expressive eyes and a short muzzle is adored by most. Adding to their appearance is their textured fur and deep frill hanging down the front legs. They have a short neck, round sturdy stature with small and strong legs, and cute paws. Moreover, a variety of fur colors and textures and eyeball shades are cherished by enthusiastic teens.

Apart from looks, the Persian kitty is kind of appealing for its amiable nature. They are affectionate and easy-going. Loves to be cuddled and enjoys it when you handle them with utmost care and love. They’ll sit on your lap and move gently about your arms. Thus, returning the affection, they receive by ten-fold, adding to your contentment. Here are some key characteristics:

Also, Persian’s intimacy is just for its family members and maybe a few frequently visiting guests. Hence, keep in mind your kitty’s comfort zone and avoid its meetups with strangers. Otherwise, you might annoy it, which I guess is not a good idea at all!

Persian kitty possesses a peaceful and composed personality. Instead of a clamorous environment, Persian would rather prefer calm and serene surroundings. Therefore, a household of boisterous children wouldn’t be much appeasing. Still, if children are jovial and friendly, kitty would find themselves happy. They’ll chat, play, and please you by being ‘talkative’.

Still, keep in mind that Persian’s are not very agile and sporty. But isn’t it good quality? Because rather than hopping all around, leaping onto your furniture, getting into cabinets, and messing up all; the kitty would calmly lean on your armchair and roam about your house adding to the amusing and soothing environment of your house. Innocent

In addition to it, Persians have an innocence about them, which means, of course, you wouldn’t be deluded by them much too often. Persian kitty, for sure, would be your perfect indoor pet.

Home care for the Persian Kitty

Persian kitty should be kept with proper care for a long and affectionate relationship.

Their thick fur must be combed every single day to prevent entangling of the hair and thus worm invasion.

Make sure there are no mats in the armpits, behind the back legs, and around ears.

Moreover, they should be bathed and groomed frequently keeping the fur thick and glossy.

Provide then with a comfortable and tidy bed, ensuring a tranquil environment, especially for sleep time.

Don’t forget to trim nails at least once every two to three weeks, making it less harmful when you and your children hold it up to cuddle and play.

Also arrange scratching pads, very important, as your kitty needs to scratch its feet and claws and stretch its body.

Hence, proper care must never be compromised to keep your kitty happy and healthy.


To get rewarded by your kitty’s love, you must ensure ample supplies of food on a regular basis. Make certain that your kitty gets proper nutritious food and enough water to maintain health.

A nutritious diet includes adequate amounts of fat, protein, carbohydrate, and minerals, etc.


Your kitty’s diet should be protein-rich with low carbohydrate content and moderate amounts of fat. Thus, always choose cat food with high meat content, including poultry, beef, and fish. It is savory and tastes great. Your Persian would definitely love to eat them.

Beware of the artificial flavors and preservatives as they are detrimental for your kitty’s health in the long run.


For proper fat content, animal food rich in saturated fats and plant food rich in poly-unsaturated fats is enough. Fats regulate general metabolism and make appropriate use of the nutrients. Fat intake, however, should be kept moderate.


Minerals, for example, magnesium, calcium, fluorine, and copper etc. help to maintain acid-base balance.


Vitamins are necessary for proper growth and good overall health of your kitty.

Raw Food

Having said all that, I am a firm believer in raw pet food as the basic diet for your kitty. Human grade pet food must be your priority. Chicken breast, thigh, and fish are what you can opt for, preferably. Try to prepare fr

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