How to succeed with happiness in life?

by TM Maria Be a king in your own kingdom

To ask oneself this kind of thing is to look for a way, a way to move forward. And in that sense, it's a very good thing. What I notice with time and experience is that the notion of happiness is surrounded by mystery. As if we did not want to understand it and getting close to it was dangerous.

What about your happiness? Is it hidden by a smoke screen? Is it difficult to define? To succeed in your life, it is obviously on the notions of desire and goals that you have to look ... but without forgetting the specificity that makes you who you are. Follow Elizabeth Segerstrom to know how to be a successful person in your life.

Succeed happily: a state of mind first and foremost

Take a test. Go to bed tonight, persuading yourself that you are happy. That everything is fine in your life. That the obstacles that you face are elements that you must not fear, because they will allow you to highlight your potential, your inner strength.

Endorse with this conviction. Getting up tomorrow morning, decides to have a good day. To approach this new cycle with a smile. Stay calm and open. For you and to others. Show your joie de vivre to the people around you.

And at the end of the day, take stock. From your experiences Of your relations. From your spirit state. And you will see that to succeed with happiness begins with a decision: to be happy and to make it a way of life.

What do you want?

What matters is not responding to the canons of what television or your environment. There is no success. There is no objective. There is only what you want in the depths of you. Your values, your desires and what you do to follow them.

To succeed with happiness is simply to follow His ideal, not that of others. And if it seems obvious to you reading me ... it is nevertheless something that is worth repeating as the influences around us are numerous and sometimes push us to mislead.

How to succeed in life?

The subject is vast, the pressure enormous, the questioning incessant. When one wonders how to succeed in life, images fuse, fears too. Success, she sometimes seems to fit into a frame. To come from a readymade image.

Let me guess, when we talk to you about success, you see:

·        A family

·        A big house

·        A big dog

·        A big car

·        A well-stocked bank account

But what about your dreams? Would you be willing to sacrifice them to satisfy a cliché imposed by our society?

Succeed in life: you are the only judge

Success is always valued by others. But in fact, no one has the legitimacy to judge your experience. It is not necessary to have a completely marginal existence to be happy.

An employee who is married and has two children may have more satisfaction in his life than a wealthy landowner or entrepreneur brewing millions.

What counts, to succeed in life, is to be able to look in the mirror and say that every day, we build ourselves by following his desires and not those of others.

So I'm going back to the question: how do you think it's possible to succeed in life? You and you alone have the answer. Never forget that.

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