How to Start A Wholesale Shoe Accessories Business?

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There will always be a demand for shoes for as long as humankind lives. That is why the shoe business is one of the most profitable businesses.

If you have worked as a retailer or manager in the shoe business, you already know about the industry. This experience will enable you to start your own wholesale shoe company.

If you are considering to start a wholesale shoe accessory business, we have some guidelines for you. But first, let's discuss some points that can explain the wholesale shoe business:

Shoe Types and Trends

While fancy looks and stylish outfits have recently overtaken the fashion world, the shoe trends for fall and winter 2020 are going in a different direction. Of course, some of these styles can be upgraded to look more modern, but the old shoe trends make up their base. That means you can enhance your shoes into modernist pairs or let those old trends stand out against a cool stylish outfit. The choice is yours.

Why You Should Consider Shoe Business?

The new report on the global footwear market provides a broad overview of its overall advancement over time. According to the report, the shoe accessories market is worth more than $79.86 billion in the USA. This value is estimated to reach $530 billion by the end of 2027. These statistics are enough to prove the profitability of the wholesale shoe accessories business.

How to Start Wholesale Shoe Accessories Business

The following steps can help you start your wholesale shoe accessories business:

1.    Strong Strategic Business Plan

A common mistake made by businessmen is not creating a strong business plan for their wholesale or manufacturing company. Without a good business plan, your management might fail.     

You should start by defining your business mission and creating a contingency plan. Also, try to avoid short-term opportunities at the cost of long-term benefits.

2.    Find the Right Supplier

One of the first things you should do is research and contact various shoe accessories, manufacturers, or distributors. Even if you want to manufacture and sell the shoes yourself, it's good to establish these kinds of connections.

The success of your business is based on the type of supplier you are dealing with. That is why you should select a reliable supplier. Remember the following points while choosing a supplier for your wholesale shoe accessories business:     

▪              The supplier should be trustworthy and hold a good reputation in the market.

▪              Select a supplier that offers a lower product price than the market.

▪              You should go for a supplier with a good return and refund policy.

▪              A supplier who offers drop shipment is always better.

▪              Choose a supplier that has a no minimum order policy.

3.    Create a Professional Platform

Another essential step for your wholesale shoe business is to create a presentation platform. This platform will work as a trust-base for your customers. The platform will showcase your business and gain your audience's attention more rapidly. It is up to you to decide which platform to choose i.e., online or outlet store.

Starting an Online Wholesale Shoe Accessories Business

You can easily sell shoes online. This opens up a much larger market and allows owners to sell their shoes outside their local shop area.

Besides this, online wholesale shoe accessories business can offer the following benefits:     

§  Provides an advantage in minimizing shoe losses that do not sell quickly at a physical location.

§  Maintains your revenue and business relations.

§  Reduces daily work pressure.

§  Connects you to your customers and helps you understand your customers' requirements.

To manage your online business, you’ll need an Inventory Management System. This system will provide fully automated software to manage and organize your inventory.

4.    Attract Customers

There is a lot of productivity in campaigns, marketing, promotions, and advertising for your company. Your wholesale shoe accessories business can easily attract many customers with the help of digital marketing tools and strategies.

Final Thought

The wholesale shoe business has increased in the present market. However, it is always essential to acknowledge market trends before starting any business.


We hope these techniques can help you start a wholesale show accessory business. Do let us know which tip worked out best for your business. Good luck!

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