How to Sleep After Cervical Neck Surgery?


Nobody looks forward to having surgery, but when it comes to spinal displacement, you do not have any other option. Depending on what is causing you pain, there are various surgical procedures that might be followed to cure your illness. You will face some difficulty in your daily life post-surgery, which makes it important to understand how to sleep after cervical neck surgery. Generally, you will not have to stay in the hospital for a very long time. But that will not mean that you are cured as soon as you are back home. The real recovery time of your surgery only begins once you’re out of the hospital, and it is important to follow post-operative instructions that you might have received from your physician.

What Are the Factors Affecting Recovery Time?

The time it takes to recover from your neck surgery greatly depends upon which type of surgery you went through and how good/bad your condition is. Other factors include:

  • Your Age: A young person will show recovery much quicker than an old one. It so happens that most neck surgeries take place when a person is of age, which means that the time of recovery is usually a long one.
  • Overall Health: In case you have any ailment or a medical condition, you might find it difficult to recover quickly after your surgery. If you are healthy at the start of the procedure, your recovery time will be shorter than average.  If you smoke or drink excessively and are overweight, then you might have difficulty recovering.
  • Lifestyle: If you maintain a healthy lifestyle by engaging in physical activity and eating healthy, then your body will be able to bounce back from the surgery rather easily. But if your job requires you to be highly active, it might take you some time to gain that level of momentum.

Tips to Recover from The Surgery

Once you have understood how to sleep after cervical neck surgerythere are additional steps that you can take to avoid the risks of cervical disc surgeries.

  • You must protect your spine and the site of surgery from undue pressure by taking proper rest. You might be tempted to go back to work or begin your exercises as soon as possible, but that is not a very good idea. Your surgery could fail if you do not take the time to heal and recover from your operation.
  • You should get some form of physical therapy once you’re capable of moving around a little. Make sure that you participate actively in your rehab sessions.
  • You have to be very careful with your diet and make sure that your blood remains properly oxygenated with the required amount of vitamins and minerals. Try to avoid junk food and munch on healthy food items like vegetables and fruits.

How to Sleep After Cervical Neck Surgery?

It is very important to understand how to sleep after cervical neck surgery because it plays a very important part of your recovery. Sleeping after any kind of surgery is a challenge; this is especially true of spine surgery. Only sleep can allow your body to heal completely, so make sure you follow the given steps in order to give your body the rest it needs-

  • Getting into The Bed – You must enter the bed carefully by sitting on the edge, halfway down the bed. You must keep your feet firm on the ground and hold your back and neck straight. Next, you have to slowly bend to a side and rest your body on your elbow. Try to support yourself with your hips and feet. When you want to get out of the bed, gently roll over to one side, and slowly lift yourself up while keeping your back straight. Ask for help if you need it.
  • Selecting A Sleeping Position – Follow the advice of your physician and use a collar or brace if it has been suggested. You can then choose to rest on a bed or a recliner. It is advised that you sleep on your back to ensure that your neck and spine stay protected. Do not sleep on your stomach as that puts a lot of strain on your neck.
  • Make Your Body Comfortable – After your surgery, you have to find the right mattress and pillow for your neck and body. Make sure that the pillow you use is neither very fat nor too high so that your neck is not stretched unnecessarily. You can also keep a rolled towel or a cushion under your knees to support your chest and back. Remember to keep your arms below your neck and head to avoid straining the spine.

Frequently Asked Questions

For How Long Do You Stay in Pain After Cervical Neck Surgery?

You will experience mild pain, despite painkillers, for the first two days after your surgery. The site of surgery in your neck will stay sore for a few days, and in a few days, you will be asked to start walking. It is advised that you wear a collar for at least 4 weeks.

How Should I Take A Shower After Neck Surgery?

You must wait for 48 hours after surgery to take a bath. Water does not hurt the incision, but you should not bathe in a tub or soak the wound. Try and keep the dressing dry and clean; in case it gets wet, you should change it.

How Long Should I Wear the Neck Brace After Surgery?

If you are a multiple level cervical fusion patient, then you will have to wear a Miami-J collar for at least 4-6 weeks. Single level cervical fusion patients only must wear the collar for two weeks. If you take necessary precautions, like sitting straight and not driving- you will recover very soon.

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