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Are you new to the cryptocurrency world and need the best hardware wallet? Well, you can consider buying a lender nano crypto wallet. Ledger Nano X is the popular hardware wallet that allows you to sell and buy crypto safely. It is the next version of the Ledger Nano S wallet. The device comes with advanced features that offer a hassle-free experience. 

The cold wallet is the perfect choice to safeguard cryptocurrencies offline. It uses a secure element, so the device is resistant to physical attack and enables safe coins storage. Ledger’s hardware wallet protects the private keys from viruses and malware, which means enhanced security than the software wallet. Setup, a new Nano X, is simple by generating the new private keys.  

In addition, the user needs to write down the new twenty-four-word recovery phrase while activating the device. It enables them to restore the device for recovering the private key connected to existing recovery phrases. It would help lock the hardware wallet to make sure that nobody can access it. Keep reading to learn tips on how to set up a Ledger nano crypto wallet:

Supported coins on Ledger Nano X Wallet

Ledger Hardware Wallet supports different kinds of cryptocurrencies. People who are using different digital assets can utilize nano hardware wallets. Following are some of the coins that the device supports:

  • EOS
  • Neo 
  • Dash 
  • Tether
  • Litecoin
  • Tron 
  • Ripple
  • Monero and more 

If you need to add new coins to the wallet, you can go to the manager option. Click on the blue install button on the digital asset you desire to add to the Ledger Nano. The device has a simple interface to access it without any trouble. 

Why Ledger Live is important for Ledger Nano X Wallet?

Ledger Live is crypto wallet interface software for smartphones and computers. The software allows you to access the hardware device to buy and sell coins faster through Bluetooth. People can use Ledger Live on any device at their convenience. If you are using the software, you can use Ledger’s corporate nodes for broadcasting the crypto transaction. Therefore, Ledger will know all public addresses and how many coins you own. 

Step-by-Step Instruction to Setup Ledger Nano X Wallet

If you decide to use Nano X for crypto trading, you need to set up the device properly. You should install the Ledger live software for activating apps on the wallet. After installing Ledger live software on your device, you must create the passcode and recovery seed. It is important to store the private key safely because you need it to access coins. Take a look at a few steps to Set up Ledger Nano X Wallet :

·         Buy Wallet

If you want a hardware wallet to store crypto, you should buy it from the dealer. Go to the Ledger official portal or local shop to purchase the Ledger Nano X. Avoid purchasing the wallet from the third-party vendor. It has a private key that contains 24 words. It would help to access the digital currency stored in the wallet. 

When you lose your wallet, you can use these 24 words to activate the new device and restore coins without trouble. In the past, there has some malware where the trader bought the crypto wallet from the third-party seller. For this reason, you can buy the hardware wallet from a reputed dealer and stay in peace of mind. 

·         Activating wallet

Setting up the Ledger wallet is hassle-free because it is designed with a user-friendly interface. If anyone activates the ledger wallet, they can find some instructions with the device. First, you should download and install the Ledger Live app on your handset. After that set, an 8-digit PIN, and the device will display 24 words. 

You must note the phrase and store it in a secure place. It is essential to recover the hardware wallet if you lose it. You write down all recovery phrases you got in the package. Double-check phrases that all words match the accurate number. You can keep every card in a separate place. Device owners never share these words with anyone around the world. The manufacturer sells the separate wallet to everyone. It enables a crypto trader to store words in shockproof and fireproof bottles.

How to Use Nano X wallet?

After creating a PIN code and notedown the private key, you can access the hardware wallet dashboard. In the Ledger Live app, you can install different kinds of cryptocurrencies app. A separate application for every digital asset offers a trouble-free experience. Install the BTC application on the Ledger Live software for storing bitcoin.

If you desire to buy or sell Ethereum, you can install the ETH app and start trading. You can see two buttons in the cold wallet, and everyone has a unique function. Before starting using the device, everybody should read the user manual to know more about the Nano X. You can press the two buttons simultaneously to confirm the option. When you need a dashboard, you can long-press both buttons at once. 

One can swap, purchase, or sell cryptocurrencies on the Ledger Nano X. Particular digital currency can stake such as Algorand, Cardano, and much more. The user needs to connect the special application for staking the coin. There are different providers; therefore, you can choose anyone to purchase and sell the digital asset effortlessly. 

Pros of using Nano X

Nano X wallet supports many languages so that the device setup procedure will display in your desired language. So, you don’t want to worry if you never read the language. With the Ledger Live software, you can use the hardware wallet for storing cryptocurrencies. The Nano X benefits are as follows:

  1. Simple to setup
  2. Complete control of your digital currencies 
  3. Support multiple currencies 
  4. Works with USB and Bluetooth

Bottom line 

Ledger Nano Wallet is the best cold wallet on the market to buy and sell crypto. By following the steps mentioned above, you can set up the wallet easily. Use the seed phrase to restore your account in the new Ledger Nano device.   

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