How to setup Carista App for Bluetooth ELM327

by Alex Carter Mechanic Assistant
I came across the ELM327 adapter and the Android application Carista. It was the application that really interested me. I decided to test it and finally I want to talk more about it.
I have been using ELM327 Bluetooth OBDII scanner for no two years in the car, and Torque has been installed on the smartphone thanks to which it is possible to take readings from the sensors installed in the car (temperature, speed, engine speed, acceleration, etc.). A cool application, there are a bunch of plug-ins, but I did not really like it, I played it a couple of times and that's it.

Installed Carista on my Android smartphone. I'm very surprised with the functionality of the application! Firstly, he can adequately read errors. Secondly, the most important thing is how to code additional functions (auto-closing doors, change the amount of flickering of comfortable turn signals, etc.)! You can absolutely encode the available additional functions without a VAG-com and a complicated ODIS-diagnostics. And so we will dwell on this in more detail.

The first thing we need is the adapter ELM327 . In China, such an adapter costs about a couple of dollars. The adapter has built-in Bluetooth. Somebody said Carista does not recognize the ELM327 version 2.1, however the ELM327 version 1.5 no issue, if you recognize them and make the diagnosis.  So better choose  ELM327 1.5 interface. 

The adapter is extremely simple to use. First turn off the ignition, and then:

1). Find the diagnostic connector.
2). Usually the connector is located under the steering column, at the very bottom of the dashboard. If you are first looking for a diagnostic connector in your car and it is not helping with your fingers, you can kneel down and look under the dashboard. The result will not take long.
3). We stick the ELM327 BT adapter into the socket. If you can not stuck - turn it upside down and try again (like with a USB stick).
4). After that, turn on the ignition and take your precious smartphone, which you must first download and install Carista .

Here's a free version to try:  

5). The first time you connect the adapter to the phone via Bluetooth, you need to pair them. On the smartphone, turn on Bluetooth and look for available devices for pairing.
6). After we found the device OBDII select it. For pairing, you must enter the password 1234.
7). Now the ELM327 scanner adapter and smartphone are interfaced and the next time you plug the adapter into the connector, it will automatically connect to the smartphone.
8). We launch on the smartphone Carista. And we see two sections:
CHECK FAULTS allows you to read errors from all blocks. Also a list of found errors can be forwarded to yourself by e-mail. Convenient for debriefing. This is how the error search process looks:
I found two mistakes myself - something connected with the headlights. 
The most interesting is in CUSTOMIZE . Here you can activate hidden functions . We open:
Available custom hidden functions are divided into four categories: 
- Doors / Windows / Remote ( Doors / Windows / Remote control ); 
- Instruments / Display / Dings ( Tools / Display / Signals ); 
- Lights ( lighting ); 
- Other (Other );

Going into each of the sections we see separately each function that can be activated or deactivated. Here is a list of what is available from me. The list is actually much larger, here is a list of what is activated / deactivated from me:

Doors / Windows / Remote ( Doors / Windows / Remote control ): 
- Auto-lock doors when moving; 
- Auto-unlock doors when key is taken out of ignition (Auto unlocking of doors when the key is removed from the ignition lock); 
- Auto-lock trunk when moving (Automatic luggage compartment lock when driving); 
- Unlock trunk when the doors are unlocked (unlocking the luggage compartment when unlocking the doors); 
- Blink turn signals when locking / unlocking with remote (Flashing indicators when setting / removing from the signal); 
- Beep when locking with remote (Horn by a horn when signaling); 
- Beep when unlocking with remote (Horn by a horn at removal from the alarm system);
- Beep when alarm is armed (Horn by a horn when an alarm is triggered);

Instruments / Display / Dings ( Tools / Display / Signals ): 
- Instrument cluster language (System language, voice control); 
- Instrument cluster region; 
- Time display format (Time format format 24H / 12H AM PM); 
- Multi-Function Display ( Multifunction display ); 
- Lane-change turn signal auto-flasher (function of comfort turn signals) 
- Lane-change turn signal auto-flasher count (Number of flickers of comfortable turn signals);

Lights ( Lighting ) 
- Cornering lights (Backlight turns with fog lights when the dipped beam is on); 
- Turn on the interior lights when the key is taken out of ignition (Turn on the interior lighting when the key is removed from the ignition switch);

Other (Other ) 
- the Activate side by mirror heaters are the when REAR window defroster is on (mirrors heating, when the heated rear window); 
- Speed-dependent windshield wiper speed (wiper speed, depending on the speed of the vehicle); 
- Auto-enable rear wiper when front wipers on and reverse gear engaged (Turn on rear wiper, when reverse gear is on); 
- Horn works even when ignition is off (the horn works with the ignition switched off);

This is what I got to activate / deactivate. Still available, but it did not turn out to activate the daytime running lights (those that are installed in the fog-lights, I do not have one), the Coming / leaving-home functions (but you need a light sensor) and a couple of small things.

In general, for those who want to read errors and without activate / deactivate hidden functions - ELM327 + Carista are ideal thing. I recommend! 

Note: The document was translated form Russian. Credit to Mr.WanDerWin.

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