How to sell a Shopify store and on what platform?

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Sell ​​a store in Shopify is not as simple as it sounds! You have to succeed in the search of a purchased r, set the right price and, of course, think about the transfer of all the data related to the store such as the Facebook page and the announcements for the new buyer! Here is a complete guide to help you sell your Shopify store on different platforms with the mistakes you should not make! This article will also help you determine the criteria to buy or sell a Shopify store! Here is a complete package of Shopify online business for sale.


There are a number of reasons to sell a Shopify store. Let's start with the right ones:

You want to add great value to your store and offer a house, an apartment, a holiday ...

You want to change your project and start in another area because you've been sniffing a great opportunity.

In general, buyers are suspicious and wonder "why does this person sell a business that works really well? This store is amazing! There must be eel under the rock. For all that, our days are only 24 hours and an entrepreneur is motivated by the challenge and the opportunities, which is why there can be very good opportunities to buy on the Internet because the creator of the store simply wants to enter into something else and knows for a fact that he has the potential to make even more money.


Many sellers and buyers forget it, but, selling an online Shopify store is selling a data set. The seller agrees in most cases to supply with the sale:

  • The Facebo page ok that is linked, the Instagram account, the Pinterest account ... In summary, all accounts on social networks!

  • A marke ting analysis, a report on what works and what doesn't work at the ad level.

  • A history of realized transactions, of e-mails exchanged with customers.

  • Advertising accounts on Facebook, AdWords ... The mailbox ...

  • Ad templates, graphics, logos, contracts with partners.

In summary, you should imagine that all this information must be transmitted. You have to change all passwords and succeed in finding them, understand if there have been automations in place, email loops.


Get out of the idea of ​​directly selling your Shopify store in a Facebook group with a dubious link, unless a contract is made! There are many platforms that make it possible to sell your dropshipping store. Of course, the platform will take a commission on the transaction, but it helps insure the buyer and the seller! The process is simple:

  • Register on the platform or in the market.

  • Information about the store, turnover, etc.

  • Provide a price that we will calculate together and of course, provide proof of the figure performed, the strategy and everything that is listed in the description.

After the analysis by the platform, the store goes on sale. Some online Shopify Shop sales platforms do not go through the verification process. To send your dropshipping store for sale, here are some sites:

  • The most well-known online market in the store is interchange of Shopif and.

  • We can also search in F Lipper .

  • Directly in the dropshipping Facebook groups in case a contract is clearly defined!

It all then begins with a contact, the presentation of the evidence and potentially a sale! Beware of the curious who just look at the winners of the store and try to get their pub strategy again.

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