How to Safely Operate Your Lift Table

by Simon Hopes Author

The contemporary workplace demands safety precautions and creating an environment that favors the worker. This is especially so in environments such as warehouses, construction sites as well as factories. The safety and comfort of the worker is a top priority for any company.

Consequently, an industrial lift table is a necessary and practical piece of equipment to have in material-handling work environments. Many employers have observed increased production and morale in workplaces that invest in lift tables.

While the industry lift table is quite effective, many factories, assembly plants, as well as warehouses, opt for Customized Lift Tables. Industrial needs vary from one company to the other. As a result, one type of lift table may work in one environment but be completely useless in another.

Using Your Lift Table Safely

In order to reap the benefits of your lift table investment, you must learn and train your workforce to use lift tables safely. When they are used the right way, they bring down incidents of MSD-related injuries.

In spite of the ergonomic benefits they bring to the workplace, lift tables can be dangerous if used wrongly. They are, after all, specialized equipment. Here are some tips on using lift tables safely:

·         Have the Right Lift Table Equipment

Ensure that the right lift table is used in the right environment. As with most specialized equipment, the wrong lift in an environment it was not created fro can be detrimental to workers.

In the same breath, adhere to industry regulations. Using a hydraulic lift table in a clean environment could bring the law down on your back

·         Use the Recommended Capacity

Exceeding the recommended weight may result in your lift collapsing. This can quickly turn fatal for the employees operating the lift table. In addition, the products being handled would be damaged. This would not only cause losses but also force you to incur extra costs.

·         Place the Load Properly on the Lift Table

If placed improperly, loads can cause the lift table’s axis to tip. This would result in the heavy load falling off. It is imperative to place the load in the right position to avert a potential disaster.

·         Non-Slip Table Surfaces

Ensure that your table surface gives you some grip. Friction helps to keep your load secure on the table and prevents it from sliding off when it is being lowered, raised or even when stationary. A surface with a slippery surface is a disaster in waiting.

·         Have Your Workers Trained to Use the Lift Table

You must not assume that your works will figure the new contraption out. No one should be allowed near the lift table without enough training. They must demonstrate, after the training, that they can use the table correctly.

·         Personal Protective Equipment 

This is a prerequisite for anyone that works at a material handling plant. The equipment must be suitable for the applications being handled. Lift eye operators require eye and hand protection.

Additional equipment such as protection for the ears may be needed. Some Pneumatic lift tables are rather noisy.

·         Pinch Points

Ensure that your lift table has adequate openings to avoid pinch point injuries. Minimum safe openings are:

ü  1 inch for fingers

ü   2 inches for toes

ü   4 inches for hands

ü  5 inches for feet

ü  20 inches for the body

Do not expose body parts to smaller openings as that could result in injury.

·         Sources of Power

Energized power sources must be treated with caution. Accidental discharge of sources such as compressed air, hydraulic or electrical could result in fatal injuries. Following regulations is paramount for safety in the workplaces. Hence, strive to adhere to LOTO procedures.


Above all, maintain your lift tables. Fortunately, they do not require much with regard to maintenance but as a safety measure, keep them maintained properly. Also, ensure that a manufacturer’s manual is available to all either in soft or hard copy. Anyone who operates the lift table must have access to this manual.

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