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Is the assembly room on your space somewhat tired? Outdated? Uninspired?

Meeting rooms are a vital part of coworking spaces. Teams can simply collaborate much in an open coworking area till they will need to take things to a meeting area --even if only for one hour. Meeting rooms are fantastic for workshops, occasions, brainstorm sessions, team-building occasions, conference calls and, yes, meetings. Inspiring design, tech-enabled office solutions and greener spaces with the biophilic atmosphere at Smartworks helps our members to work efficiently. 


In case the meeting area on your coworking space does not have the ideal technology and gear, or if it fails to inspire and enable teams, then it could be time for you to give it a makeover. Here are 9 ways to revitalize your meeting area that is coworking.

1. Wash out the Room

First things first, provide your assembly room a clean, such as steam cleaning any carpeting, washing ceiling and the walls, cleaning the whiteboard, steam. This will freshen up.

2. Rearrange the Furniture

Are you really making the best use of this room in your meeting area? Does the design make sense? Can you create the distance more flexible? Even a rearrangement can put new life.

3. Alter the Old Whiteboard

Whiteboards get into a location where you can not really clean them to being clean straight back. The fantastic thing is that whiteboards have emerged. There are glass types which are slick and--bonus--that they are simple to wash. Think about upgrading the whiteboard. Guests and your members will thank you.

4. Update the Tech on Your Meeting Room

We have come a long way because we had computers, projectors and adapters. New technology applications, for example, AirPlay, provide compatibility to talk about your own screen. Not merely is this cause of relief one of the presenters it's the standard in assembly rooms. Ensure to get a simple way and a monitor for folks to talk about their display.

5. Invest in Cozy Chairs

Whether there is a meeting an hour or so continues all day, attendees are interested in being comfy. Qualities which produce a seat: adjustable height ability to swivel brakes, a chair that is cozy.

6. Paint It

Feelings and moods inspire. Consider splashing on a coat of paint to provide a texture to space if your assembly room feels dull. Listed below are the feelings associated with them as well as a couple of colours:

Blue -- Intelligence
Red -- Courage and strength
Yellow -- Emotion
Green -- Balance
Purple -- Spirituality
Orange -- Comfort

7. More Outlets

There is no such thing as a lot of places to plug at a space into your gadgets --and this goes for meeting rooms. Ensure that your room has a lot of outlets as their batteries run low so individuals are not left trying to find wall sockets and extension cords.

8. Repair the Lighting

If the light on your meeting room is unpleasant, dim or lifeless, it is time. Bad lighting may suck energy. Additionally, just think the photographs taken in your space's assembly area will seem with illumination.

9. The Sound?

Much like inadequate lighting, an area with poor acoustics could be distracting, bothersome and draining. It is time In case you've got a great deal of sound, or even an echo, an area which is not soundproof. You can use something as straightforward to provide a feeling of solitude to space, or hang curtains. Or you can go as complicated as soundproofing acoustical ceiling tile, drywall, dangling baffles or walls that are acoustic.

We believe, ‘ Productivity can make or break a company,’ therefore Smartworks aims to create a way of life, in lieu of just providing an office space!

The founder of Smartworks Neetish Sarda says “We are excited to have India’s most prestigious Sports Management institute in Smartworks. We have yet again proved our capability of configuring spaces as per client requirements irrespective of the business domain. With this first of its kind association between an education institute and Smartworks, we are certain that these spaces will become the next classrooms soon. We remain committed to providing unmatched experience and solutions to businesses that will help them boost the company as well as industry growth to remain productive and further the step towards innovation in the country” 

"Our growth curve has never ceased to excite us, and we have been able to see the difference in our books by becoming profitable in a short period,” said Harsh Binani, co-founder, Smartworks. 

In less than three years, we have not only become a market leader in the country focusing on large enterprise clientele- with a bespoke, tech and productivity enabled value proposition but we are the only homegrown agile workspace provider to become profitable in India.

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