How to remove grease from stainless steel pipe fitting

by yane Yang Sales Manager

We all know that when the outer surface of stainless steel pipe fitting with dirt, directly rinse dry naturally after clean with a dry cloth wipe oil leaching solvent, then the open air dry. This is relatively easy, but if the inner surface of stainless steel pipe fitting is rust or dirt? What to do again?

There is rust and dirt such as the inner surface of stainless steel pipe fitting, can be the first to use circular wire brush and cloth binding in thick wire or thin steel rope, pull the brush back and forth into the pipe fitting, if the large diameter pipe fitting, can also use the winch drag brush back and forth, and then use steam or water into the washing, and then use compression air or exhaust air drying pipe fitting, then can skim the.

After degreasing, first plug end of the pipe fitting blocked, 15-20% volume poured into the pipe fitting to the degreasing solvent, if the band bending of stainless steel pipe fitting, to increase the amount of degreasing solvent, then the other end is blocked, flat on the flat clean place or placed in the table on the sleeper for 1-1.5 hours, and every 15 minutes, turning once stainless steel pipe fittings, successive to need to soak parts, can also shoot long pipe fitting filled with closed immersion degreasing solvent in solvent degreasing, put the pipe fitting out with exhaust fan blowing pipe fitting, or oil-free compressed air, nitrogen dry, can also choose natural ventilation in general, we must fully dry.

After degreasing, it is necessary to check whether the degreasing condition of each stainless steel pipe fitting is qualified. The inspection method is made to use absorbent gauze clean plug, tied to the wire through the needle, pull to see if there are clean, grease, also need to test if necessary. The defatted pipe fittings need to be sealed with a skimmed old cloth or plastic film to avoid re contamination of the inner surface of the stainless steel pipe fitting.

When the installed stainless steel pipe fitting is skimmed, it is best to disassemble into a pipe fitting with no dead end, and then degrease. The stainless steel pipe fitting, which is not detachable after installation, must be degreased before installation, but it is necessary to ensure the installation process and not be contaminated after installation.

The concentrated nitric acid pipe fittingline and equipment in the concentrated nitric acid unit can be pumped directly with 98% concentrated nitric acid after the installation of the concentrated nitric acid pipe fittingline to carry out acid pickling. But before pickling, we should do a good pickling scheme. In the acid washing, we should divide the system according to the process flow, rinse first with water and recycle the acid for 2-4 hours. Only after the analysis is qualified, the acid is guided to the other system. When the acid contains more than 0.03% organic matter, or the concentration of the acid is less than 90%, the new acid solution is changed and the waste acid is discharged to the underground trough. After the pickling is qualified, it is necessary to deliver the material in time to prevent the dilution of the concentrated nitric acid from the corrosion of the aluminum equipment and pipe fittings.

Source: China Pipe Fitting Manufacturer - Yaang pipe fitting Industry Co., Limited (

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