How to reduce nutrient proportion errors in your hydroponic system

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When you prepare hydroponic nutrients, you must know the significance of chemical measurement. Sometimes, people make the solutions with significant errors. Plants can tolerate up to a limit. But using the erroneous proportion of nutrients, again and again, is enough to kill plants. Thus, growers should be very careful in this consequence.

These mistakes are obstructions to the nutrition and growth of your plants. Minimizing the nutrient measurement errors, you can obtain more productive results.

Types of Errors 

A: Systematic Error

Systematic error is considered as the measurement error of the used tools. Suppose you are using a 5 lit jug for preparing your nutrient solution. You use this jug every time you make the solution. But the jug is not in its actual calibration. Probably it is over or under 5-litre measurement. As long as you use the same measuring pot, you do the same mistake every time. Systematic error can consistently damage the growth of your garden.

B: Random Error

Random errors relate to the measuring process made by the growers. You are using a 5-litre jug with a mark on it. Sometimes, you take measurements above the mark and sometimes the solution level is below the mark. Even the surface where you keep the jug while making the solution is an important consideration to determine the right proportion. The measurement is different as the surface is even or uneven.

Most Common Errors Happen

When you prepare your nutrients, consider volume and mass. Both systematic and random errors are associated with these two things. So, growers should give their fullest effort to get the right scale for accurate measurement.

Most growers use non-calibrated vessels to measure volume. It is probably the biggest mistake. Sometimes, the mark on it is not accurate. Things like beakers, buckets, tanks, and other large containers should not be used to measure volume as they don’t have an accurate measurement of volume every time.

How erroneousness affects your process

Inaccurately prepared solutions may affect your procedure in the following way:

  • It makes you vulnerable to changes
  • It obstructs effectively optimize your set up
  • It prevents others to replicate your results

How To Reduce Errors 

Prepare immensely accurate small-scale solutions

To minimize errors and to maximize the utility of your system, prepare all preparations on small scale. It contributes more accurate results using calibrated volumetric material. Many online stores offer hydroponic systems for sale. You can choose whether for collecting the right nutrients for your plants or for getting the advice of preparing solutions on your own.  

It is important to prevent errors for making a highly productive hydroponic garden with heavy yields. Four key things to consider optimizing the quality of your organic garden:

1: The growing medium should be friendly to plants

Peat moss and coco can be friendly growing mediums for plants while rocky media like Rockwool, perlite, vermiculite, and sand, can be a little harsher. Peat moss is a preferred medium for all types of setup, as the acid creation of this medium helps to deal with some chemical issues, good for hydroponic crops.

2: Provide nutrient solutions rich in nutritional elements

There are approved soluble sources of vegetable or animal-derived nutrition in the market to create an organic feed for your plants like kelp extracts. Also, some valuable mineral sources such as sodium nitrate, potassium sulfate, and magnesium sulfate can be used. Choose solutions carefully to balance the growth of your plants.

3: Keep ventilation higher than you would in a usual hydroponic crop

When you have a setup where a noteworthy amount of nutrition is provided to the root area, ventilation becomes a considerable issue. This setup requires an increased amount of oxygen.  A growing medium, used in a hydroponic setup usually requires higher aeration to keep plants refresh and growing. If you use peat moss, mix it in a 40/60 ratio with something like perlite or rice husks to improve the airing properties of the growing mediums.

4: Bad heavy metals are going to be your enemy

Prevent your plants from heavy metals like lead, arsenic, and mercury. Instead, you can use an organic source soluble heavy metals in your nutrient solution, such as the Biomin series of products. While compost teas are a very vital source of needed heavy metals, stay very aware of bad heavy metals in your organic inputs.

To minimize your gardening errors and to encourage tasty and organic hydroponic crops, find out a leading hydroponic shop that provides top-quality Hydroponic Systems for Sale at a comprehensive and competitive range.

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