How to plan fish pond farming?

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Do you plan to set up a fish pond farming? If YES, you can read the article to learn more.

1.Make full use of water bodies. The water body of reservoirs and ponds is a three-dimensional space, especially ponds. When placing fish species, according to the respective living habits of the cultured fish, reasonably match the stocking ratio of various species and fish ages, so that the aquaculture water body presents a lively and lively scene of "ponds are like buildings, with layers of fish wandering", making the water body be fully used.

2.Extensive use of bait. The bait for freshwater fish includes natural bait and artificial feed. In order to fully and reasonably utilize the natural bait in the water and improve the utilization rate of artificial feeding, it is necessary to breed fish of various feeding habits at the same time in the same water body to ensure that all kinds of bait resources can be used for various living habits of fish. It can improve feed utilization, reduce costs and increase production. So  you can see the fish feed pellet production line in LIMA.

3.Utilize fish symbiosis. The polyculture of freshwater fish can be dominated by grass carp, as well as more than a dozen fish such as carp, silver carp, silver carp, crucian carp, tilapia, eel, turtle, etc. These fish are polycultured in the same water body. In addition to the prescribed feed, food can also be obtained through "self-fertilization". Because grass carp is mainly raised, the ration fed is mainly grass. The debris left by grass carp will settle to the bottom of the water and become the bait for omnivorous fish such as carp and tilapia, while grass carp, crucian carp, and tilapia continuously excrete feces, which increases the fatness of water quality and promotes the growth of plankton. Breeding, providing bait for silver carp and bighead carp. Silver carp and bighead carp feed on plankton.

4.Save breeding costs. In the ponds where fish are mixed together, the different specifications and specifications of different species and different ages are implemented, which will not affect the growth of adult fish, but also expand the source of fingerlings, solve the problem of fingerling supply to a certain extent, and save the cost of purchasing seeds.

5.Good benefits The polyculture of freshwater fish not only increases the average annual fish output, but also increases the variety of fresh fish on the market, and achieves good economic and social benefits.

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