How to Operate and Shut Down Diesel Generator Set?

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Diesel generating set is in operation

a. Check the oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, frequency, etc. of the control module. If there is any abnormality, stop the machine immediately for inspection. After the fault is removed, the unit can be started again.


b. Check the oil circuit, waterway, gas circuit and smoke exhaust system of the unit for leaks. Check the connection of the unit for looseness and severe vibration. Check whether the various protection and monitoring devices of the unit are normal.


c. When the rotation speed reaches 1500r/min and the no-load operation is stable, the switch can only be closed to supply power to the load. The unit is not allowed to have continuous idle load of more than half an hour or less than 30% load operation. The gen set needs to be guarded when it is running. Overloading is strictly prohibited.


d. Do not short circuit when the unit is in operation, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the equipment. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble any parts of the generator set while it is running!


e. Do not reach under the fan shield and any other parts that have relative motion!


f. Do not try to touch the exhaust pipe, turbocharger, high temperature coolant, heater and other high temperature surfaces by hand, there is a danger of being burned!


g. Check the output voltage and frequency from the control panel. The output voltage of the unit has been adjusted at the factory, so it should be indicated within the normal range. For units with mechanical speed regulation, the frequency should be close to 52 Hz under no-load conditions; for units with electronic speed regulation or EFI speed regulation, the frequency is close to 50 Hz under no-load conditions.


h. Keep the load on the diesel generator set not exceeding the rated value. Some models can run 110% rated power continuously for 1 hour when necessary, but only after 1 hour of rated power operation.


Diesel generator set shutdown


Genset normal shutdown

a. Stop: The unit controlled by the automatic module can stop normally by pressing the stop button by hand; the manually controlled unit can only turn the key to the “STOP” position, and can also achieve normal shutdown.


b. Before shutdown, the load must be unloaded, and it is strictly forbidden to stop with load. In general, after unloading the load, the diesel genset needs to run for 3 to 5 minutes without load before stopping.


c. When the load cable is connected or removed, the battery's negative wiring must be turned off and removed.


Genset emergency shutdown


a. The unit must be shut down immediately if abnormal noise or odor is emitted during start-up or operation.


b. When the unit oil pressure suddenly drops to the limit or no oil pressure, the fault light is red and must stop immediately.


The machine must stop immediately:


a. When the unit water temperature suddenly rises above the specified value and the fault light is red.


b. When the unit output voltage exceeds the maximum reading on the meter.


c. When there is a fire, electric leakage or other natural disaster that may endanger the safety of the crew and operators.


At this point, press the emergency stop button or push the stop control handle of the fuel pump to the stop position rapidly , the unit will quickly cut off the load, and immediately turn off the throttle, while the red "emergency stop" indicator light is on. The button needs to be re-screwed to release the emergency stop signal. When the power generating set is in normal operation or is supplying power to the equipment, if there is no special emergency, it is recommended that the user do not perform emergency shutdown operation at will.


After shutdown


a. Check for leaks in the engine and machine room.

b. Close the fuel valve

c. If the unit is to stop for a period of time, turn off the main switch.

d. Long-term shutdown should drain fuel and cooling water, and periodically charge the battery according to maintenance specifications.

e. When the ambient temperature is lower than 5°C, the unit after shutdown must do antifreeze measures to avoid freezing cracking of the body and water tank.

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