How to Motivate Your Child to Be More Active

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Encouraging your child to be active is a great way to instill healthy values that will follow them throughout their whole life long. But let’s face it, some kids just aren’t into sports. This doesn’t mean, however, that they should spend all their time sitting inside playing video games. There are tons of ways you can motivate your child to be more active. Keep reading to learn how you can encourage your kid to get out and start moving.

Explore Nontraditional Options

When people think of being active, they often imagine organized sports teams. Not every kid, however, is drawn to sports like basketball or soccer. Luckily there are tons of other options they can choose from. They can go swimming, take a dance class, learn karate, or sign up for one of the many kids exercise classes in Phoenix, AZ. It may a little bit of trial and error to find an activity that your child likes, but it will be well worth it in the long term. 

Create a Routine

Incorporate being active into your child’s everyday routine the same way that school, chores, and playdates are in their schedules. You and your child will be more likely to take part in an exercise plan if it becomes a main part of your weekly routine. 

Set a Good Example

Children often learn by watching you, so set a good example for them. If you spend most nights sitting on the couch, watching tv, you aren’t practicing what you preach. Check your own behavior and make some changes if you want your child to be physically active. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk instead of drive, and make an effort to be active when you are with your child.

Cut Down on Screen Time

Most kids these days spend too much time staring at screens. Impose stricter rules and only allow your child to spend one to two hours a day looking at screens. Instead of watching TV, playing video games, or surfing the internet, encourage them to take up a livelier activity like walking the dog or playing at the park.

Include Their Friends

Kids enjoy doing activities more when their friends are around. Allow them to invite a friend to the swimming pool or to go on a bike ride. You can even talk to the friend’s parents to sign up both children for them same kids exercise classes in Phoenix, AZNo matter what they end up doing, they will be happier doing it with their friend.


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