How to Make Your Wooden Flooring Look Great And Last Longer

by Alisha Perry A Blogger
Your wooden floor looks great when you get the same for the first time. However, it gradually starts looking odd with time and gets completely damaged if you don’t take proper care of your home laminate/hardwood flooring. Every one of you wants that the floor could look new and last for a more extended period. Here are cleaning and maintenance tips that can help you in this regard:

Clean the spills instantly

You need to wipe the spills as they fall down your wooden floor. Whether the spill is of water, tea/coffee, vegetable curry, or anything similar, it can leave stains or spots on your home flooring if you leave it untreated for a more extended period. Use a clean and dry cloth piece to wipe out the spill as soon as possible.

Keep it cool and dry 

For better and longer usage, you need to keep your laminate flooring cool. As far as possible, try to keep your room temperature between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Try not to have a direct liquid, especially water, contact with your hardwood flooring.

Clean in the right way

Apart from regular cleaning, you need to clean your home floor deeply at least once a month. Sweep twice a week. You can use a dust mop to get rid of any surface dirt and dust. Utilize the hard surface floor setting to vacuum your hardwood floor once a week. If there are stains or spots, you must use high-grade floor cleaner to clean your home floor deeply and get rid of the stains/spots. Occasionally, you can utilize revitalization products in your cleaning process to make it look new.

Sand your home floor

If you notice your wooden floor has scratches that are not going away easily, you should opt for floor sanding. It brings life to your wooden floors by removing the scratch, dirt, and wear marks and applying a water-based finishing. The use of ultraviolet light curing technology builds a hardened, instant finish that makes your home floor a new one.


Getting your home floors repaired is also an excellent option for the care and maintenance of your home floors. You should opt for this option when you notice structural damage to the floor. In the repairing work, the technician will take out the broken floor parts and install the similar new one there.

Take utmost care of your home

Taking proper care also assists your home floors look new and last longer. You should place dense walk off mats on the floor to cover it at the main entrance. By it, you will prevent your home floor from rain, dirt & dust, and mud that can damage it. Use felt protectors between your floor and furniture pieces to stay away from surface damages. Keep your home wooden floors away from direct sunlight.


Your home hardwood or laminate floors look great when you keep it clean and maintained. For cleaning and maintenance, you should sweep it regularly, do deep cleaning once a month, repair, keep cool & dry, and take preventive care. Your floor will last for a more extended period.

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