How to make sure whether chronic prostatitis has been cured or not

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Chronic prostatitis is relatively difficult to treat, but with the effective treatment measures and close cooperation between doctors and patients, most of patients can be cured. How do you know whether chronic prostatitis has been cured and what is the standard?

Many patients with chronic prostatitis often determined whether the disease had been cured by their own feelings. Once the symptoms disappeared, they believed that the disease had been healed, which was not true actually and can be harmful. At present, the commonly accepted criterion of cure for chronic prostatitis is as follows:

1. Pain and discomfort were completely gone.

The pain and discomfort in the groin, testis, abdomen, urethra, lumbosacral, anus etc. caused by prostatitis disappeared completely.

2. The symptoms of urination disorder disappeared thoroughly.

The symptoms like frequency and urgency of urination, difficulty in urination, urinary pain, incomplete emptying and urinary stuttering were fully eliminated.

3. Sex was perfectly normal

Male sexual dysfunction such as spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, hematospermia, dysspermatism and hyposexuality drastically disappeared.

4. The results of laboratory examinations were normal.

(1) There was no pain in the prostate with a rectal examination and the prostate gland was restored to normal or significantly improved.

(2) The examinations of the urine and prostatic fluid were all proved normal, and there is no pathogenic bacteria growth in the bacterial culture. But the test of urine and prostatic fluid can’t be judged on one single result. It is usually necessary to continue checking 2~3 times or more.

We all know that chronic prostatitis is pretty difficult to cure, and it is easy to relapse. Then, what are the reasons for the recurrence of chronic prostatitis? There are many causes, but it is mainly because of the incomplete treatment and eating and living disorders.

The clinical symptoms disappeared and prostate fluid became normal for some chronic prostatitis patients after a period of treatment. If they thought they were cured and stopped the treatment, the hidden pathogen which was suppressed within the prostate would survive from being completely wiped out. When the time is right, these pathogens will regrow in the prostate, resulting in the recurrence of chronic prostatitis.

Irregular life like overwork, mental strain etc. could make the body resistance down, so that the cured chronic prostatitis relapsed. Improper diet, eating too much spicy products and excessive drinking can make damp-heat toxin accumulate in the prostate, leading to chronic prostatitis relapse. Sedentary, long-time cycling and too much sex can cause poor blood circulation, hyperemia, and congestion, which is also an important reason for the recurrence of chronic prostatitis.

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