How to make money online: 10 formulas that work in 2018

by TM Maria Be a king in your own kingdom

So you want to make money online.

You have probably already found a lot of bloggers who explain how to do it. And probably most of them are not earning a euro (flee from whoever tells you to fill out surveys or click on ads to generate income). Not to mention those who only earn money selling courses where they teach how to earn money. Paradoxical, right?

Is not my style. I've been living on the Internet for years, generating thousands of euros and learning the ins and outs of online business.

First of all you should know that making money online is not easy or fast. Never has been, despite what you read or want to sell. After reading this article you’ll get an idea how to make money online. Then you need a skill on what platform do you want to work. Ytech Consult will help you to improve your skill, contact them and it’s very easy.

How to make money online: 10 formulas that work

Let's see now the best ways to make money online because of its economic potential, simplicity and reliability.

1. Earn money with affiliate marketing

This is the system with which I earned my first euros, and in my opinion it is one of the most affordable ways for any beginner who wants to generate passive income.

Affiliate marketing consists in creating a website where you will publish analysis and product recommendations. In those analyzes you will link to other websites where they sell the product. If you end up buying, the seller will give you a commission for having referred a customer.

2. Create a website and monetize it with Adsense

Another of the best ways to make money online passively is monetizing web pages with advertising.

The great advantage of advertising is that you do not need the reader to buy for you to take a commission. The most common is that you earn money when the reader clicks on an ad (what is known as PPC).

In fact, this is the way the most important ad network in the world works: Google Adsense.

3. Sell courses and services with your blog

If the previous two were two of the best ways to earn money online, this is the BEST way to make money online.

But like everything, the more money can generate something, the more effort it requires.

It's about creating a blog about a specific topic, positioning yourself as an expert in it, and selling your own online courses for payment.

4. Offer your services on specialized pages

If you do not have or do not want to create a blog or a website (although anyone without technical knowledge can do it today), another way to get a handful of euros online is by doing small online services.

The operation is very simple:

·        You register in any of the online platforms that put you in contact with potential clients

·        Publish your service and put a price

·        You wait to be hired

5. Work as a virtual assistant

If you find it interesting to earn money by offering online services and you want to ensure greater regularity and a more stable income, you can consider working as a virtual assistant.

The virtual assistant is one of the new professions that has brought with it the technological revolution of the internet, and whose demand is expected to continue growing in the coming years.

6. Works as a copywriter

Generating content that attracts and controls readers is a fundamental pillar of any digital strategy, and that is well known by both large companies and small entrepreneurs.

That's why every day more than 3 million articles are published in blogs. There are posts about economics, animals, photography, food, health, marketing, videogames, philosophy, and politics ... Anything you can imagine.

7. Translate contents

If you consider that you lack creativity or prefer something more mechanical than working as an editor, and have a good level with a language, you can make your knowledge profitable by doing online translation services.

There are many companies that need to translate texts from their blogs, websites or posts on social networks and that are looking for natives to do that work. In addition, it is usually quite well paid.

8. Create a YouTube channel

With the purchase of YouTube by Google and the exponential growth of content consumption in video format, there were people who, overnight, started earning a lot of money with their video channel.

Yes, there are more and more competitors, but YouTube is the second Internet search engine, just behind Google, and it is expected that in a very short time it will become the first. That means that its economic potential is booming.

9. Sell online through dropshipping

Another good way to make money online is by selling products online.

I know people who are making more than 4,000 euros per month of profit with very simple but specialized products, so if you do it well it is possible to generate a good income.

10. Sell courses in online platforms

If you do not like the idea of selling products online, having to search for distributors and create a website, an excellent alternative is to sell your knowledge in online platforms.

The concept is simple: you create a course in video or text on a specific topic, you upload it to platforms like Udemy, and you put a price on it.

To create the course you can record on video, record a presentation on your screen, or do it in text format (in pdf files), just as you would do for your blog.

This type of platform receives thousands of daily visits from users looking for courses on a subject, so if yours covers some demand and meets the expectations of users, you can get to earn a lot of money.

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