HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON YOUTUBE this year and beyond

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On a global scale, almost about five billion videos on Youtube are now watched each day. YouTube is now very well known with users spending an average time of around 20 to 50 minutes for each session on YouTube. With the ever-growing era of video technology and the internet, it is becoming important that you learn is how to make money on Youtube. 

The potential of earning money on YouTube is almost limitless, and also not only limited to celebrities and influencers. There are now several available opportunities for regular individuals to make money from YouTube. All you require is video software for editing your video and a PC, and then you can begin to make money on YouTube with ease. 

In this article, I'll go over some of the ways you can start making money on YouTube this year and beyond. 

Making money on YouTube used to be as simple as uploading awesome content online and generating a large number of views, and earning a portion of advertising income. Presently, content creators approach various ways to make money from their content. Apart from advertising, you can get sponsorships from a significant brand, product deals, or even fan funding. 

These strategies will guide you on the most proficient method to make money on Youtube. 

The Steps On The How To Make Money On Youtube

First of all, before you can start making money on youtube, the following activities or actions must be accomplished:

  1. Create Your Youtube channel
  2. Upload your content to Youtube
  3. Grow your audience
  4. Get up to 4000 views and 1000 subscribers
  5. Provide your payment methods for receiving your earnings from Google

After you achieved or carried out these activities or accomplishments, then you can now start earning money with Youtube by allowing monetization through the under-mentioned methods. Also, check out this complete article on the 17 steps to make money on Youtube. 

1. Youtube Partner Program

Joining the Youtube Partner program is the first step to start making money on youtube. Youtube partners are members who have lots of viewers and monetize their videos.

As a YouTube partner, you can make money from channel memberships, ads on your videos, and banner ads. Being a partner gives you access to unique services like being able to monetize your videos through Google Adsense. The partners have access to lots of tools they can use to create content and they also earn rewards based on the number of views they get. 

2.  Create your Google Adsense account 

For lots of YouTubers, the major source of revenue is through ads.

  • You can register for Google AdSense at the AdSense website located here

3. Get a Brand Sponsorship 

There is also a form of advertising that is lucrative is brand sponsorship, known as "influencer marketing". In this case, a company pays you to promote their product in your video. For instance, Michelle Phan, a YouTuber promoted beauty care products brand LancĂ´me with her well-known tutorials. 

4. Develop a Web TV show.

If you enjoy talking about topics and telling stories, you can have your series on web TV by creating them on youtube. You can make it a brief comedy show, a talk show, or even a short drama series. 

Although youtube limits the length of videos to fifteen minutes, you can increase your limits and create longer videos. 

5. You Can Make Money on YouTube with Funding from Your Fans

Do you have devoted fans that follow your channel?. You can encourage them to fund your channel and this can assist you in financing your new video and make money.

6. You Can Make Money Through Channel Memberships

Another easy way you can make money from youtube is via channel memberships. Your fans can make regularly scheduled payments for additional content and services like live chats, emojis, special videos, etc. You can enjoy this form of monetization on youtube when you get up to 30000 subscribers on your channel.

7. Product Sales 

YouTube partners can also sell more than 10 products to their audience by allowing product sales in their accounts and generate income from the sales. 

8. Build your brand with YouTube

YouTube can enhance your presence in whatever you do. You can amplify your passion and your strengths while making money out of it. Some YouTubers have turned their pets into stars and made lots of money doing what they love. Whatever your brand is, you can put it on youtube to promote it and make more money from it. 

These are some of the ways you can make money on Youtube. You can check out this comprehensive article on the 17 steps on how to start making money on youtube 

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