How to make diy lotion less greasy ?

by Ellifia Jhon web designer
 To make your lotions less greasy, avoid adding ingredients or oils that are heavy and have longer absorption time. Keep the water rate higher to lower the griminess in the cream. 
It is easy to make DIY lotions once you understand the basics and then customize it according to your skin type and the weather you are making it for. A pure basic homemade cream has few essential components that formulate the base and then by adding the other ingredients you are ready to go. The main element of cream is water, and then there is oil, emulsifiers and waxes, and preservatives that keep the cream from spoiling. 

diy lotion

DIYs are always fun if they are comfortable and quick. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time on long lengthy projects and get tired halfway leaving the project in the back cabinet of the kitchen or the attic, forever. Today we are presenting a perfect recipe for a homemade lotion that is not greasy. Yes! You have heard right, a non-greasy lotion. You have seen a lot of lotion boxes that claim to have a non-greasy and very light feel to their most selling cream, but they are not, honestly.

diy lotion


Knowing the fundamental ingredients that make most of the lotion and are responsible for the texture and oiliness of it lotion will help you control the factors like these with little changes in the recipe.
Lotions are essential to hydrate the skin and keep the moisture inside the skin and prevent aging. If you are afraid of getting that big lotion boxes, you are confused about if it will suit your skin needs or not, then no need to worry. Make your homemade lotion in smaller quantities according to the need. 



Pretty Lotion packaging will tempt you to buy it by giving fantastic information and perfect skin images but do not get trapped and trust the natural homemade lotion without any harmful ingredients and store it in custom lotion boxes that are unique and pretty, not less than any other table. 

Main components of homemade lotion:

The water:
The main element of cream is water that makes it different from a body butter. The creams you buy from the store anyway also contain half the water in it. 
Why use water?
  •  It gives a silky feeling when applies, not greasy. 
  •  It accelerates the absorption process.
  •  It is less expensive.
So, the first trick to keep the lotion non-greasy is to use water as the primary solvent. 
It is not necessary to add water you can switch it to other non-greasy ingredients like rosewater, witch hazel, aloe vera juice, and skin acids like hyaluronic acid to the lotion and creams as aqueous part of the recipe. 

The oil:

To add antioxidants and nutrients to your DIY, lotion oils are the way to go. Different oils have different benefits and are suitable for different skin types like dry, oily, and combination. Not all oils cause acne; it depends on the type of skin and fuel you are using. Some fats are good for healing acne in real. Add the oil according to your skin type and to contribute to the non-greasy factor add oils that have a faster absorption rate.


Waxes and emulsifiers:

Emulsifier works as the glue between water and oils. Water and oils do not mix well, and in order to bring them into a stable product, you need an emulsifier. There are a lot of emulsifiers that have different properties, and they decide the weight and texture of the lotion. Its amount varies according to the percentage of the oil and water being used. 



Waxes are different from emulsifiers, and the most suitable option for the lotion is the latter. Waxes thicken up the emulsion and add staying power to the product. They also help in creating a barrier that helps in keeping the moisture inside the skin, and that must be left to body butter, not a lotion. Like lotion boxes in wholesale, these waxes and emulsifiers are also available in bulk at different stores and online.


By controlling the amount of these ingredients, greasiness of the product can be reduced. 

The preservatives:

Water acts as the breeding ground for bacteria and molds. To avoid such a problem, it is essential to add some kind of chemicals in that jar. 

Even the word preservative itself gives the feel of a non-natural part that is not avoidable because no matter where you keep the lotion and how hygienic your process is there is a chance of getting mold within a week or two even if you follow the product in an expensive packing lotion boxes, instead of not using a preservative use a mild one to save the product for few months.These are the components that make a pure essential lotion. By mastering how to control these factors and get a perfect texture, greasiness, and consistency you can make changes here and there and add other things for color and fragrance but natural.

 There is a lot of custom lotion packaging which you can use to keep it in for easy use and also sell it online. Lotion packaging boxes serves very well to the small and large businesses who want to attract more customers.As the non-greasy lotion is not an issue for you anymore and you can make as much DIY lotion for yourself and your friends and family, or that small business you are running. Customizable packaging for lotion boxes is readily available in the market, which can be used for different purposes with desired changes. 

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