How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger Practical and Budget Friendly Tips

by Dillon Patterson Article Publisher

Although a big bathroom is something most of us probably want, it is not something everyone actually has. If your bathroom is making you feel like you are in a congested area every time you are there or you really want to improve the look and feel of your bathroom and make it feel more spacious, below we provide some tips to help a bathroom look bigger. These tips are useful if you are aiming for a more spacious feel in your bathroom but you don't want to go to the extreme of having a full remodel.

Let the natural light come in

Natural light can very much give or increase the feeling of openness. It can make you feel freer when a room is bathed with natural light. For your bathroom, make sure to encourage natural light and clean, fix, or improve whatever is hindering it. Having natural light lights up your bathroom will help it look bigger. The more the natural light the more that your bathroom will look open.

Be mindful of your decorations

Before going on with putting decorations here and there in your bathroom, think first if it will serve the purpose or goal of having a more spacious bathroom. Yes, decorations are good and it can make any bathroom look better but too much of it can take a lot of space and won't help at all in making your bathroom look bigger. So what should you do? Before deciding on any decoration to put in your bathroom, always consider the size of the decoration first. If the ambiance you are trying to create is a big and spacious bathroom then you know that too many decorations will not help you achieve that.

For decorations that you really want to see and use, consider putting them in other areas of your house so you can still have it without sacrificing your desire and work to make your bathroom look bigger.

Say no to clutter

Clutter in all forms will not help a room (no matter which one is it) look bigger and feel spacious. Always organise your items in the bathroom and avoid cluttering so no unnecessary things and set up will eat space. This tip is very simple but effective. It is not something like tearing up walls and creating new ones but you will see the difference and space it will provide.

Sort out and tidy up your items and don't put everything in the bathroom especially the things you don't need to be there.

Don't go for contrasting colors

Color contrast can make a room look and feel smaller than bigger so be smart with the colors you will use in your toilet. Don't go for contrasting colors if you want a bigger bathroom because it will do the opposite. Light colors help open up a room so choose light colors for any room you want to look bigger.

Install a big mirror


A mirror is a great accessory to your goal or project of making your toilet look bigger. A big mirror accompanied by some lighting at the top or in front of it will do a great job of helping your bathroom look bigger.

Conclusion: How to make a small bathroom look bigger without hurting your budget?

There are numerous things you can do or apply to your toilet to make it look bigger or to actually make it more spacious than its current state. Avoiding clutters and organising your items properly and very strategically can help save up some space in the toilet. Restraining from overly decorating your bathroom will also free up space and it is absolutely free. To make your toilet look bigger, letting the natural light come in, avoiding contrasting colors, and installing a big mirror are all helpful.

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