How to Maintain Your Marble Countertops

by Austin Baines Content Writer

Marble increases the decoration and aesthetic beauty at any place where it is used. But keep it in your mind that its material is not such that it lasts eternal. Undoubtedly, marble is durable but it is prone to external factors due to the nature of its material. These factors tarnish the appearance of marble by time by damaging the molecular structure of marble. Well you cannot make marble to last eternally but you can do some steps in order to increase the life of marble and make it look like new. This will give your house and workplaces an elegant look as well. Have a look at some of our expert tips and tricks to maintain your marble countertops like a pro-

Keeping the Seal Fresh

The lament technique for natural stones was introduced by 18th century. Several resins are used to seal surface of marble. These resins bring more harm than good to marble. Now-a-days marbles are sealed by using fabrics after their installation. A granite sealer is considered safe to seal marble and other natural stones. This granite sealing can be easily applied at home without the help professionals. By keeping this seal of marble fresh by properly cleaning it and replacing it by new one when it gets old, you will be able to keep the marble countertops well-maintained.

Avoid Spillage

Even if the marble countertops are sealed with granite sealers, there are many chemical substances that can penetrate through the seal and damage the marble stone due to its porous structure. To avoid such damage to marble countertops, try to clean any spillage as soon as possible. Try to keep the cleaning soft cloth in the access so they can be used whenever there use becomes necessary due to spillage on marble countertops. Instead of placing the items e.g. jars and glass bottles directly on marble countertops directly, place them in coasters instead. Also, try to avoid placing items directly on marble. Try to use different trays and coasters to arrange items inside them and they should be placed on marble counters. Before placing something directly on marble, it is the best practice to wipe it with a towel of tissue paper.

Clean the Countertops Regularly

For everything to last longer, it is necessary to take great care of it. Same is the case with marble countertops. Nobody likes the dirty countertops. Therefore, daily cleanliness of them is necessary to remove the dust and dirt deposited on them. the dust and dirt layer if deposited for too long on marble, results in dullness. The dullness in marble prevents it from looking vibrant and fresh.

Remove the Stains

Try to keep the marble free of stains. If even upon cleaning, the stains do not vanish, it is possibly the time to re-apply the sealant. The greasy and oily stains should be removed using a thick paste made of baking soda and acetone. The paste is applied for 24 hours on the stains. The next day the paste is removed. The stains by coffee, juices and tea are removed by placing a soft damp cloth over them for 24 hours. After the stains are removed from marble countertop, you can get a new sealant.

Keeping in mind the pros and cons of marble countertops, it is the pros which outweigh the cons. Moreover, marble countertops are an aesthetic addition to your house, enhancing the beauty of your home quite instantly. While maintaining them for a long period of time might require some efforts, it is definitely worth it in the end.

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