How to maintain your air conditioner

by David Jhon SEO Expert

An air conditioning maintained in good condition will work much better. Good news: you can do many simple tasks yourself. Long live the regular cleaning!

Why maintain your air conditioner?

  • Preventive maintenance is very important. It helps to:

  • optimal performance of your device

  • energy saving - and cost!

  • extended life

  • healthier air, with the elimination of bacteria and mold prevention

  • So pamper your device, it will make you feel good!

Small important preparation

There are several types of air conditioners . Regardless of yours, two steps are required before you begin: Consult the user manual received at the time of purchase for specific instructions for your device. Turn off the power! Most of the time, it's just unplugging it. For aircon servicing company singapore For central air conditioners, however, the power supply to the electrical box near the unit should generally be disconnected or the circuit breaker in the distribution panel disengaged.


For an air conditioner, the filter is as important as the oil for an engine. Its periodic maintenance is essential: a dirty filter reduces the air flow of the device, a cause of major damage to its compressor.

Here are the treatments required a few times during the summer :

Wash reusable filters and rinse them with warm water, making sure they are dry before reinstalling. If you have disposable devices instead, it's just a matter of replacing them. If you have an individual air conditioner or a ductless central unit, clean the housing grille covering the filters; make sure that nothing impedes the diffusion of air (curtains, furniture, etc.).

The frequency to be followed depends on the manufacturer's instructions, but also on the degree of exposure of the appliance to dust (depending on the activities in the house, the presence of animals, etc.).

Individual device

Conduct an annual cleaning of the condenser - the outside of the air conditioner - to remove any debris (such as dead leaves) that may have infiltrated. Use the air stream of a low-flow compressor or a mixture of warm water and mild detergent.

Air conditioners and dual-block heat pumps

The air conditioners and heat pumps of wall or central type consist of one or more indoor units, supplied with thermal energy by an outdoor unit. As the outdoor unit is exposed to the weather, it must be checked regularly:

If necessary, remove any material trapped in the outer case of the unit with a vacuum cleaner. No plant or other debris (such as paper) should interfere with air circulation both inside and around the outdoor unit of the air conditioner.

In the spring and fall, gently clean (at low pressure) the outdoor coil using the garden hose.

Note that systems of this type also require in-depth inspection and cleaning by a specialized firm every 3 years - or more often - to ensure their effectiveness. This intervention is even required on an annual basis for the largest central heat pumps that also participate in heating, and for which performance tests are required.

How to house your air conditioner during the winter?

Under a cover or under a protective case in the case of fixed recessed fixtures. In a garden shed, garage or basement for mobile air conditioners and those installed in a window during the summer.

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