How to maintain air springs?

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Air springs are not a new thing for people associated with the automobile industry, especially the manufacturing department. Air springs are a vital part of every vehicle, whether it is a two-wheeler or four-wheeler. There no rocket-science behind the installation of air springs in a vehicle. They are used for cushioning the ride for drivers who operate heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and buses. What’s more, they also portray a shock absorber that absorbs all jerks and bumps while driving a vehicle.

They have been proved to be useful over steel coil springs. Their design disperses the force of the jerk and provides the right suspension to the vehicle. Moreover, it doesn’t cost much for the maintenance of the air springs. Let’s peruse further and understand something more about air springs.

Air Springs- A Vital Component

Air springs that are available in the market today are usually made up of rubber. Previously, the steel was used for manufacturing these springs. Owing to this, they easily wore out of performance. Springs constructed today are manufactured using rubber that makes them last for a longer time. Unlike rubber air springs, the steel springs tend to break easily.

When they begin to corrode, a small crack appears on the outer structure that gradually weakens the structure. Steel springs do not last long for more than five years. At times, pre-mature wearing out is another major disadvantage of air springs being avoided by people. Hence, air springs are preferred because they provide better suspension even when the vehicle is loaded.

Maintenance of Air Springs

Maintenance of air springs is a must. Without ensuring its better health and expecting it to work won’t bear fruits. Thus, air springs should be checked for their grease to determine abrasion. One can check them by the accumulation of dust. If there’s any dust, wipe it away using a brush. In case there’s excessive dust, reach the mechanic to get it cleaned.

Now, the question arises about the timing of changing air springs. Many people think that there’s a specified time for changing air springs. Let’s understand it in simple terms what damages can be caused to air springs and how to deal with them.


Frictional cuts acquired due to extensive pressure

Improper height

Inaccuracy in suspension (dropping too low)

These issues can be maintained by performing periodical checks. Since heavy-duty vehicles like trucks tend to cover long distances, their owners should keep an eye on the suspension valve. If pressure on the valve is suspected, simply get it checked.

The Bottom Line

Air springs have always been a vital part of maintaining balance and suspension. Unlike steel springs, they are highly durable and long-lasting. Owing to their increasing demand, manufacturers have been creating various air springs as per the requirement of clients. These require minimum maintenance for long-lasting performance. Once installed, these springs can easily assure the balance and suspension even when the vehicle is loaded and covering long journeys.    

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