How To Love Your Nature and Stay Healthy Inside - the 3 Basic Principles

by Sujan Singh Bundela Business Administrator

Dreams of a happy and fulfilling life can remain unfulfilled for years. Most people suffering from self-loathing cannot communicate well with others and spend the lion’s share of time digging around themselves, continuing to find flaws in themselves. Self-acceptance magically changes life radically, opening up endless possibilities. People understand that living without constantly thinking of their imperfections is much easier. Having changed radically, many will even be surprised why they were puzzled by the question “how to love yourself?” There are simple tips thanks to which anyone can accept themselves:

1. Understand what you really want

This means forgetting about what parents were demanding of you or what your friends were imposing. If you are not attracted to medicine, then what’s the point of graduating from this medical university and engaging in an unloved business all your life? The same goes for a hobby. Even if someone laughs at the fact that a person in adulthood makes some sculptures of modeling clay, glues ship models, and watches cartoons, you should just not pay any attention. Occupation is fun, and this is important. There is no need to chase the fashion, imitate someone, and just do anything that. It is important to do everything so that you are comfortable and excited.

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2. Find the root cause of why you loathe yourself

This may seem like a daunting task, but self-hatred does not just appear out of nowhere. As the experience shows, most often, the root of such a hostility lies in childhood.

Many of those who have trouble accepting themselves have been harassed at school. Acrid mockery of peers, boycotts, feeling extra in the classroom leaves young people traumatized. They do not understand why their peers reject them. They just don’t get it why others become popular and are considered the favorites of the students and the teachers. If a person is familiar with these feelings, and he or she still recalls school with a shudder, then most likely, the reason for his dislike for himself lies in this. 

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Sometimes parents add fuel to the fire too. Wishing the child well, they try to motivate them to get some new achievements. But the phrases like “Ben studies better than you at all subjects” most often do not prompt the child to do something, but destroy his self-esteem. Parents should not behave so that the child tries to earn their love. 

Unsuccessful relationships, especially the first ones, are another reason for the dislike of oneself. For some people, the feelings turn into a painful experience and the reason for feeling ill.




3.   Realize that no one and nothing external will complement you, you are already whole 

You should love yourself regardless of whether you have a significant other or not. You should not see your happiness only in your girlfriend or boyfriend. Learn all the ways of liberation from love addiction. Nothing will make you more whole than you are now; you are already enough. Don’t rely on all these temporary external attributes. Your love for yourself should not be based on what you are wearing or what kind of car you have. It’s a mistake to love yourself for a cool hairstyle or for a cool T-shirt. The t-shirt will fade and tear someday. And the hairstyle will deteriorate due to the wind, and sooner or later it will change drastically. You love yourself just like that for no reason. Understanding this will close your questions about how to love yourself and increase self-esteem. 


To conclude

Let’s love ourselves and lead others by example.


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