How to Kill Bed Bugs Quickly and Surely

by Austin Baines Content Writer

Do you wake up in the morning and find rash or itchy red welts your legs, face, arms, and any other exposed bit of flesh? Is it happening frequently? Then there’s a high possibility that those are bed bug bites!

So, if you wonder how to kill bed bugs, simply follow these 5 easy steps:

Step 1

Make certain you really do have a bed bug infestation – your bite marks could be the work of various other pests who appear at night for example bird mites.

Bed Bug

To determine if you have a bed bug infestation you’ll have to do some detective work. Remove the mattress covers when you have bed bugs, you’ll almost certainly find black fecal marks and bed bug eggs – that look much like a grain of rice and even shed bed-bug skins. You might even find some living bugs. These signs are likely to be located in the creases and folds of the mattress, close to handles, buttons and near the headboard.

If you discover any of these signs it is time for you to take action and get a bed bug treatment!

Step 2

You’ll have to de-clutter and then clean your entire room – not just your bed. The bed bugs may hide in every crevice or crack that is dark so you will discover them in holes or cracks around walls and floors, in clocks, smoke alarms, picture frames, and the folds of drapes and within the furniture. Thus to make a thorough bed bug control you need to be both systematic and careful.

As I said to remove all the clutter – anything you do not need, bag it securely and then bin it things such as newspapers, magazines, and books. All bedding and clothing ought to be taken from the room within sealed plastic bags and then washed at a very high temperature, as alternative place clothes in a dryer using a high setting for about ten minutes. For soft furnishings, curtains and garments which can’t be treated in this manner the simplest way to kill bed bugs are applying a steam cleaner.

Step 3

The next step in this pest control is to work with a vacuum cleaner. Clean the whole room along with the bed, furniture, soft furnishings, and also remember to check closets and drawers. Perform this in a systematic manner and go over every inch of your room. REMEMBER to clean out your vacuum right away using a plastic bag, then seal it shut and get rid of it, otherwise the bed bugs might travel to other rooms!

Step 4

In the exact same thorough way duplicate step 3 while using a steam cleaner. These tiny bloodsuckers can’t stand the heat; therefore steam is a superb method when you wonder how to kill bed bugs. It will kill them off at every stage of growth – even the eggs – that is something that not every bed bug killer spray is capable of.

If you have any crevices and cracks around walls or floors now is a great time to seal them up.

Step 5

This step is not necessary but I would suggest that you take some time to get it done.

Make use of a spray to eliminate bed bugs that might have escaped the vacuum or steam cleaner. Some of them could be toxic to use caution when purchasing one. Buy something similar to 100% Chemical Free Bed Bug Patrol, the retail price of which is no more than $9.99, or consult the merchant on how to kill bed bugs more effectively and what spray to choose. This bed bug repellent is effective and is 100% safe and non-toxic to use around pets and kids.

Otherwise, you can use a product like a fossil shell dust which will enter the bed bug’s waxy skin thus they get dehydrated and die, or you can use bed bug traps which work well when placed on furniture or bedposts near the bed. These devices emit carbon dioxide that bed bugs are drawn to, so as they climb to get to the nightly meal they get stuck within the trap.

You can obviously contact Bed Bugs Control Brisbane professionals if you don’t know how to kill bed bug infestation, but this choice may wipe out your bank balance along with the bugs!

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