How To Keep Your House Organized During The Holidays

by Katie Gorden Internet Writer

For most people, holidays must have been generated for tons of fun. Gathering and bonding with dear ones and family is a perfect way to spend your holiday. A few stressful and anxious gifts can be dropped on your doorstep during holidays, especially when organizing your house.

Cleaning and organizing a house can be a bit crazy, but it has to be done. Ease the burden of the mixed feeling by dedicating some time to get organized. Here are a few hacks to organize your house during the holidays.

The Bedroom

It's essential to open the windows when you wake up to let go of stale air and allow fresh and cold air in. Put clutter away and empty your bedroom trash bin.


Remove your sheets, duvet, and pillow covers for laundry. Leave the bed naked for a few minutes before making it with clean sheets. It is advisable to have at least two pairs of bedsheets—place pillows in their rightful places.


Start by sorting out your clothes. Donate the clothes that no longer fit you or those that you don't need. Try to organize your clothes by season and by the type of garment they are.

In the Kitchen

It would be best to have the right cleaning tools such as scouring pads, deep clean brushes, sponges, dish soap, micro-fiber cloths, among others, to leave your kitchen sparkling. Start by clearing all the stuff that doesn't belong in your kitchen.


Being a holiday will surely leave a sink full of dishes. Before you clean the dishes, make sure you have assembled them all in the sink. Wash and rinse your dishes, then leave them out to air- dry. Arrange the utensils by grouping like terms together because it's easier to locate them.

Counters and cabinets

Leave the counters looking great, too, by cleaning them with a non-abrasive cleaner and make sure you wipe them, so they are perfectly dry. Cabinets tend to be forgotten. Start by emptying them, then with a wet sponge, wipe the inside, and be sure to get rid of any grease build-up.

You can use a dry paper towel to wipe every damp surface in the interior to avoid the paint from getting damaged. As you arrange the cabinets, group items together. It's vital to position your items correctly so that they are easily accessible. Pots and pans are best stored in lower cabinets.


Get rid of build-up crumbs by sweeping, then vacuum to capture and remove fine dust. Mop the floor, rinse your mop and leave it to dry. Additionally, it is always advisable to remember to take out the trash.

The Livingroom

Sometimes we buy houses with big living rooms that looked great at first but can be hard to decorate and organize. If your desire is to sell your home, and you live in San Antonio, simply google the words: We Buy Houses San Antonio and you can forget about redecorating your current living room and start thinking about your next one. Since the living room usually becomes a multi-purpose room, you want to make sure that your family and guests are comfortable and enjoy spending time there.

Clear the Clutter

It's more relaxing to stay in an organized space, grab a bin, and pick whatever does not belong in the room, like magazines, toys, and exercise tools. Put the items in their rightful places. Get a place where you can gather any clutter that does not have a home in your living room. It will make the room look more organized.


Wipe any fragments on the couches, then make sure the displaced pillows go back on the couches. You can develop two furniture arrangements with a spacious living room to provide lots of extra seating for your guests.


A fireplace is one of the best resting areas in your living room. Neatly, arrange a handy of wood in a fireproof bin. Remember to organize the fireplace tools.

Floor and surfaces

Workaround the room dusting all surfaces. Get a microfiber cloth and wipe all objects and tabletops. Vacuum and mop the floors, then let me dry. Place and space the rugs well. Finalize by spritzing air freshener in the room.

The Bathrooms

You can make a significant impact by organizing your bathroom and creating your home spa. Start with de-cluttering before you move on to the next step.

Counter and cabinets

Discard all empty bottles and expired items. Wipe the cabinets and re-organize your bathroom storage. Get a train rack, hooks, or basket for the towels in your cupboard. Dedicate different drawers to group your accessories.

By following this routine often, you can have yourself an organized and tidy house. This way, you can spend your holiday in a happy, healthy, and delightful environment.

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