How to increase sales by promoting your products

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Promotional marketing covers a wide field of work, making it a useful marketing tool if we use it in the right way. 

What is promotional marketing?

Promotional marketing is called the techniques that help sell products or services in companies. The promotional marketing is intended to reward the public with a bonus so that they decide on our purchase proposal.

Why use promotional marketing?

Promotional marketing is used as a tool to spread the promotion and knowledge of a product to a greater number of consumers, highlight it in front of the competition and influence the purchase intention to choose it.

It is advisable for companies to do promotional marketing for the following reasons:

  • To better know customers and their preferences. Promotional marketing has the advantage that it allows you to really know the current customers and buyers of your products, and based on this, know a good part of the characteristics of your potential customers.

  • Encourage the purchase and consumption of specific products. The promotional campaigns have the objective of rewarding each purchase, in this way it makes the consumer feel rewarded when buying a product and place their trust in our brand.

  • Communicate and promote offers. A very good technique to highlight your product with respect to other similar ones are its promotions that you can take advantage of to highlight the differences and characteristics of your product with respect to another.

  • Obtain information on how and in what way the sales of a product are distributed. Promotions allow obtaining very valuable information on product distribution times, the geographical areas where it is best and worst received, the periodicity with which the customer buys the product and other types of data of great value to the brand. Specific information that we can use in future campaigns.

How to develop a promotional strategy?

When developing a promotional strategy, the first thing you should have is a marketing and communication plan. Said plan must consist of two planned strategies that must both meet their objectives. The marketing part is responsible for bringing the competitive advantages of the brand to customers.

In a promotional strategy, the product, its target, the context and its promotional bonus must be defined. We must take into consideration the attitude and expectations of the target audience about our brand and promotions, as well as the channel and place where it will be carried out, work defined in the communication plan.

You have to choose what the reward for the action will be for the customer. Being clear about the mechanics and development of the promotional action is important, but it is much more to know what is the reward that the client obtains and what objective it fulfills for the company. 

Try to calculate the recurrence of the potential customer at the end of the promotion. Strengthening ties between the company and the client helps to strengthen their relationship over time. A good promotional marketing strategy through loyalty programs can save a lot of money on promotional and advertising efforts. Another essential characteristic of promotional actions is to create a sensation of exclusivity or scarcity in the potential customer, thus urging him to make his purchase.  

The best way to understand promotional marketing is with an example. When a company offers visitors a free sample or product tasting, it is using promotional marketing to make that product known to a group of people who may later become purchasers of it. As the name itself indicates, a promotion is made, an offer, in order to captivate the customer.

Promotional products within promotional marketing are a very effective tool to publicize the name of a business and potential consumers to contact the company.

It is important that in each article that we offer to promote the business includes the company logo, contact (phone and e-mail) and website address.

It is important to find the product that fits with our business and that the client can use it every day or most of them. A calendar would be a very good option to put the company logo, email, telephone, and web address. Like a salesperson of bodybuilding products, a good product would be the dispenser to drink at the gym.

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