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SIP trunking allows companies to use PBX telephones to send and receive calls over the Internet. SIP stands for “Session Initiated Protocol,” It eliminates the need for physical phone lines. It allows you to add new telephone lines or change your network without interference. There is no need to buy new hardware. SIP trunking can be beneficial for everyone, from a small business to large companies. It is cost-saving and efficient to get a SIP trunk service over a traditional phone line. SIP trunking is provided by SIP trunk providers.


What is SIP trunking?

           SIP lets you use your phone system over the Internet, instead of traditional phone lines. It is very similar to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Before SIP became popular, voice calls were made over a network of copper wires. SIP sends its signals over the Internet. It has eliminated the need for conventional phone lines and PRIs (Primary Rate Interface). With SIP, all of the communication channels can be coordinated in real-time. In this way, you can boost your company’s profitability, cooperation and efficiency. SIP trunk providers in Australia lets you use your existing PBX equipment to transfer into an internet-based telephone network.


Benefits of SIP trunking:

           SIP is cost-efficient when compared to traditional phone systems. SIP trunking does not use a public-switched telephone network. This eliminates the standard per-minute charges. SIP trunk providers also enable multimedia communication. In addition to voice calls SIP can also support Instant messaging, Conference calls and video calls. SIP trunking reduces the cost of business communication. It also increases the scalability of your business. You can add SIP trunk lines gradually as you need them. With SIP, phones can be connected directly to one another. Because the calls are made over the Internet, the cost of long-distance calls can also be reduced.


How SIP trunking works for your business:

           SIP trunking is exceptionally beneficial to your business. Australian SIP trunk providers give your business the edge it needs to succeed. This helps streamline your business communication cost-effectively and securely. Some advantages of SIP trunking for your business are:

Reduced costs

·         Unlimited local and long-distance calls are often bundled with the monthly fee.

·         Better rates, especially for international calls.

·         Free calls inside the office and among the same VoIP system. Very useful if your offices are located in multiple countries.

·         The ability to add new lines and numbers only when necessary.


·         SIP relies on internet connection so SIP trunk providers can access locations where they don’t own any infrastructure.

·         Perfect for companies and businesses with multiple offices and remote workers.

·         Call quality improves drastically.


·         Unlike PRI, the access is not sold in bundles of 23 channels. This removes the possibility of unnecessary charges.

·         PRI can take upwards of a month to setup and install lines. SIP trunking can enable lines in minutes.

·         It allows for hybrid systems that incorporate SIP along with traditional phone services. 



How to get SIP trunking:

           There are many SIP trunk providers in Australia. Most notably iVersion, with its many advantages over competitors, such as: 

·         24/7/365 support

·         Unlimited calls 

·         Fixed monthly bill

·         Local Australian Support

·         Excellent call quality

·         3CX certified SIP


iVersion is the Australian SIP trunk provider you need. With all the quality of life features and cost-saving measures in place. iVersion’s SIP trunk providers free trial allows you to figure out your exact needs. With iVersion, you can enhance your business without a single dollar wasted. It provides the most secure, reliable, cost-effective and stress-free SIP trunking service in all of Australia.

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