How to Improve Battery Performance of Oculus Quest

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Oculus Quest virtual reality headset is the first all in one gaming system. That means it can operate independently, unlike other PC tethered virtual reality devices. Since Oculus Quest doesn’t require to be connected to a computer to power it, it has its own lithium-battery for running itself. The battery is rechargeable and delivers about 2-3 hours of gameplay or streaming on a single charge.

Though the battery delivers 2-3 hours of gameplay and is rechargeable, it still isn’t enough for the pro gamers. Here is how to improve the battery performance of Oculus Quest.

Note: Keep in mind, running Oculus Quest more than its standard (2-3 hours) running time can overheat it.

Tips to extend the battery life Oculus Quest:

·      Treat Quest battery as a cellphone’s battery

·      Disable Auto Wake-Up

·      Set up Auto-Sleep

·      Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use

·      Activate Do Not Disturb

·      Lower the volume

You can easily apply these settings in your Oculus Quest VR. And, these minor changes will certainly improve the battery performance of your Oculus Quest. Further details and stepwise instructions are given below.

Treat Quest battery as a cellphone’s battery

The battery of your Quest VR headset is designed and capable for the heavy usage. This means it can also be used while charging. You can play games, watch videos even when your headset is charging without any issue. But, if you don’t want to meet the overheating and battery performance problems later, then you can avoid running your headset while charging. Do this only when needed. To take care of Quest battery, treat it as your phone’s battery, and practice good battery habits.

Disable Auto Wake-Up

Having Auto Wake-Up in your Quest headset will keep it awake even when it is not operating. If this setting is on, then obviously your device is eating up battery when you’re not using it. Turning Auto Wake-Up off prevents this. Here is how.

1.   Start your Oculus Quest and enter into the ‘Settings.’

2.   Go to the ‘Power’ section.

3.   And, select ‘Auto Wake-Up.’ You can verify if it is enabled in your headset or not by seeing the blue button next to it. If you see the grey button, then the feature is already disabled in your device.

4.   Turn off the ‘Auto Wake-Up’ using the button.

Once this is disabled, your headset will not consume power when not in use.

Set up Auto-Sleep

Auto-Sleep can also be set up and customized from the same screen you used to disable Auto Wake-Up. It is the second option in the Power menu. Auto-Sleep sets the amount of time when Quest headset will sleep after inactivity. You have also seen this feature on your phone or PC. Decreasing the Auto-Sleep time will help in improving your battery performance.

1.   Go to ‘Settings’ of your Quest VR and select ‘Power.’ If you’ve just disabled the Auto Wake-Up, then you don’t need to do anything.

2.   Now, open the ‘Auto-Sleep’ dropdown button.

3.   And, select the time you want your headset to sleep after inactivity.

For instance, if you have chosen ’15 seconds’, your VR will sleep if it is not used within 15 seconds.

Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use

Always keep your Quest Wi-Fi off when not in use. If you’re not downloading any app or running an application that requires internet such as Oculus Browser, VRChat, YouTube, Netflix, or RecRoom, then turn off Wi-Fi to save battery.

1.   Go to ‘Settings’ of your Quest VR and then ‘Wi-Fi’ screen.

2.   Now, turn off the ‘Wi-Fi’ using its button.

When you need the Wi-Fi access, go to the Wi-Fi screen and turn on the button.

Activate Do Not Disturb

Notification and pop-ups also use the device power. You can activate ‘Do Not Disturb’ as well to prevent those notifications from disturbing you and eating your device battery. Here is how.

1.   Go to the same screen for turning off Wi-Fi in your Quest. Do Not Disturb is the second option you’ll see there.

2.   Activate ‘Do Not Disturb’ by using the button.

Lower the volume

It’s true, the louder the volume, the more the enjoyment. But, more volume requires more power too. Try playing games or watching videos on lower volume. Press the right-side button on your headset or select ‘Volume’ in the settings to reduce the volume.

Also, don’t forget to power off your Quest headset completely, when not in use.

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