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Norton Antivirus is software built to protect the system from viruses and malware that may attack the system and cause the system to freeze, malfunction, or crash. There is no doubt that technology has become an important part of our daily lives in today’s time. Everything today demands technology while everything is served to us at our fingertips, from banking facilities, social media, communications with friends and family to using technology to our professional and personal advantage. On the contrary, technology puts us at risk. How? Because most of our personal, professional, and financial information is stored in our devices, it stands chances to get hacked by an intruder, and worse, our valuable information gets leaked.


Norton explains that a computer virus is accustomed to spread from one host to another, and it has the ability to replicate itself, which keeps it spreading. A computer virus may end in stealing your valuable passwords or data, logging keystrokes, spamming your email contacts, corrupted files, and even taking over your machine. So, to protect your system from such viruses, anti-virus programs like Norton exist. You will learn the steps to Norton antivirus login in this blog, along with the steps to uninstall the virus from your system, what Norton error 8504 is, and how to fix it.




First, the first step to login to Norton anti-virus is to download and install the Norton anti-virus in your system. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the anti-virus, you must create an account in your name on Norton Antivirus. Assuming that you have already completed these steps, you must perform the login to your Norton Antivirus account using the instructions below.


Before we get to the instructions for the login straightaway, we must understand the Norton Configuration pre-requisites:


  • It would be best if you uninstalled all security programs that may exist on your system before you download and install the Norton Antivirus program
  • Delete the contradictory programs from your system under the settings tool
  • You must use the removal and reinstall tool to uninstall previous versions of Norton Antivirus


Now, moving on to the Norton Antivirus Login, please follow the steps below.


  • Open the official webpage of Norton
  • Insert the registered email ID and password in their respective fields on the Norton webpage
  • Click on the Login option, and you will be logged in




To know how to uninstall the Norton antivirus program on your windows device, you must implement the instructions mentioned below.


  • Start the uninstall process by downloading the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool on your desktop
  • Open the downloads on your browser by pressing the Control and J key together and then double-click the NRnR icon
  • A license agreement should open on your screen, read it thoroughly, and click Agree
  • Now click on Advanced Option, then on Remove only, and then on Remove
  • Click on the Restart Now option in the window


To know how to uninstall the Norton Antivirus program from Mac, follow the steps below.


  • Locate and click on the Norton icon placed at the menu bar of your Mac to open Norton
  • Click on Norton in the Norton menu and then click on Uninstall Norton Security
  • The next window should confirm if you wish to uninstall Norton Antivirus; click on Uninstall to confirm
  • If you have macOS 10.15 x or later version, insert your Mac administrator account password and click OK to allow Norton to remove the system extension
  • And if you have macOS 10.14 x or an earlier version, type Mac administrator account password and click on Install Helper
  • Finally, click on Restart now to complete the process




The Norton Error 8504, 104 occurs when another security program or product interferes with the Norton Antivirus program or when an upgrade or installation fails. The easiest way to fix this program is to uninstall or remove the security programs other than the Norton Antivirus program and restart your system. For detailed steps to perform this task, refer to the steps mentioned below.



To restart your system, you must first exit all existing programs on your desktop and then do the restart. And if the problem still exists, uninstall and reinstall Norton from the system using the instructions mentioned below.




Start by installing the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool and double-click on the NRnR icon. Read the license agreement and click on Agree to confirm. Click on Advanced Options next, then on Remove only and finally on Remove. You will require restarting your system to complete the process.


All precedent instructions should serve to guide you through the Norton Antivirus login, uninstalling the software from windows and macOS, and fixing Norton error 8504, 104 on your system. Carefully follow each to solve your issues. If you need more information related to the Norton Antivirus program or other anti-virus programs, you can check our other blogs, where you will find plenty of informative solutions to such problems. We also curate quick fixes for many issues that may be hampering your work; you can check them out as well.   


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