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For the battle royal lovers, Apex Legends would be one of the most favorite battle royal game. However, some players are encountering the Apex Legends crashing issue and because of it they are unable to play the game. Whenever they launch the game on their device, it crashes and fails to open. And the worst thing is, it does not show any error message or error code. If your Apex Legends game is also crashing without showing the error, try the solutions given here to fix Apex Legends Crashing Issue. 


Possible problems that would be crashing your Apex Legends game

• Easy Anti-Cheat Service 

• Missing or corrupt files 

• System issue 

• Over clocking 

• Old Graphics Card’s drivers 

These are some common causes, here is resolve these and fix Apex Legends crashing issue. 

Relaunch Apex Legends

Maybe the game crashes because of a temporary issue or a running program. Check whether any application is running in the background. If there is, then close all the programs and then restart your game. Next time, make sure there isn’t any program running when you start the game. 

Repair Easy Anti-Cheat service

Easy Anti-Cheat service prevents using of hacks or modifications in the game. Mostly all online games use the service. It scans the system and checks for any suspicious application being used with the game. If there is any, it stops from launching. Also, when Easy Anti-Cheat service gets corrupt or damaged, the game will not launch. To play the game again, you need to verify or repair it. Here’s how. 

1. Open the drive in which Windows is installed. 

2. Locate the ‘Program Files’ folder. 

3. Find the ‘Origin’ folder and open it. 

4. Now, open ‘Apex Legends’ folder. 

5. Then, enter into the ‘Easy Antic heat’ folder. 

6. Here look for the “EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe” file. 

7. Double click on the “EasyAntiCheat Setup” file. 

8. Click the center drop down button and choose ‘Apex Legends’ from the game’s list. 

9. After that, click ‘Repair Service’ button. 

10. Wait for the repairing process to get complete. 

11. Click ‘Finish.’ 

12. Close the ‘Easy Anti-Cheat’ service. 

13. And start ‘Apex Legends.’ 

If Easy Anti-Cheat service is the reason, then you can play your favorite battle royal game as earlier. 

Missing or corrupt files

All the files should be present and functioning to start the game. If a small file is removed or corrupts, the gamer will face the issue of crashes while launching the game. So, if your Apex Legends is crashing, then verify the game files. Here’s how to check the corrupt files and repair them. 

1. Open the ‘Origin.’ 

2. Sign in with your Origin account. 

3. Go to ‘My Game Library’ from the left menu. 

4. Look for the ‘Apex Legends’ in the games library. 

5. Right click on the ‘Apex Legends’ and click on ‘Repair.’ 

6. Wait for the repairing process to get complete. 

7. Close the programs. 

8. And start ‘Apex Legends. 

System issue

As we know, any program or game won’t run without a minimum system requirement. Similarly, all the necessary windows file should be present and functioning to start the game. Use the ‘SFC Scan’ to find missing or corrupt data. Here’s how. 

1. Open ‘Command Prompt’. 

2. Type “sfc/scan now” in the command prompt. 

3. And press ‘Enter.’ 

‘SFC Scan’ start scanning the system for the missing or corrupt file, and repair or replace them automatically with the functional one. Now, start your game and check if it is crashing. 

Over clocking

Sometime over clocking cause the Apex Legends fails to start. If none of the above fix Apex Legends crashing issue, disable the overclock from the graphics card. Higher graphics card frequency may also cause the game to crash. Therefore, make sure to run the graphics card at the ‘Base Clock Frequency’ and ‘Memory Clock Frequency.’ 

Old Graphics Card’s drivers

Most importantly, for the games graphics card drivers should be up to date. Maybe your Apex Legends is crashing because of old or not updated graphics card drivers. So, if you’re running an old version of graphics card drivers, update them and then start your game. 

Hope these solutions will fix the Apex Legends crashing issue in your computer. 

Shery Williams is an employee at a top email service provider company in the day, and a technical writer at night. She is passionate about writing troubleshooting tips, beginner’s guides, news, and other articles on varied topics. She has written majorly on lexmark printer support, hp printer support and epson printer support.

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