How To Find Blog Topics That Improve SEO

by Sandesh K.

Well, let us start this by looking at the irony of this article. Whoever thought there would be a blog on how to pick the right blog topics, it's like attending a seminar on how to conduct a seminar and so on, the possibilities for this are endless. But it is clearly the 21st century and here we are, reading a blog on how to find blog topics that would improve your SEO. It is the age of the internet, and it would be unfair if you typed in a keyword and there were no answers for it. So, this probably serves the purpose of SEO blogs while also teaching you how to write and choose blog topics. See what we did there?

However, this is more important than most of us consider it to be. On a more serious note, off topic blogs can misguide Google about what your business is or what type of keywords they must associate with your website. Having the right blogs that boost your SEO is as important as having the right keywords on your website. Blogging is one way of populating your website with the keywords you desire; Google creates a pattern around the topics you choose to blog about on your website and that's why blog topics are essential. Let's stop beating around the bush and get straight into how you must find blog topics that improve your SEO.


The most basic, yet one of the most integral ones in the process of deciding which blog topic must be your next one. Never, we repeat, NEVER, stray away from your keywords. This does not do any good to your website, do not write a blog or article on a topic that isn't associated with the keywords for your type of business. Build your keywords based on what people search for, if you have thought of an X blog topic, tweak it according to the keyword search and simply watch your blog rank on top as well as get maximum traction.

Inspiration from competitors

If you have competitors for your brand, that's excellent. Take maximum advantage of what your competitors can offer for you. In this case, you can take inspiration for blog topics from them. Look at the ones they are doing, that you might have missed, and grab a hold of those topics. However, while doing that you need to make sure you keep tab of what they have been doing wrong as well. Take inspiration from them but stick to your style and do it a 100 times better than how it has been done.


How do you know if you are writing on the right blog topics? Yes, keywords and inspiration, relativity and relevance are all important, but it needs to answer one most important question. "What questions are people asking". Your blog needs to be an answer to the questions that people are asking of search engines. Only when your blog looks like an answer will it rank well and attract readers. Just like this one, it answers the question as well as gives you enough to take away in the form of the answer.


Write on topics that people love, avoid ones that you love. There could be a right balance for this as well, but most often avoid topics that you want to write on but might not receive a great response from the viewers. Writing on what you wish might make you happy, but all your efforts will be wasted as it won't rank well and would not do as well as you would expect it to. The content must be tailored for the search engines and for the part of the audience you want on your website, not just anyone. There are multiple tools that can help you check the popularity of your keywords and help you write more popularity-based articles. If people do not care about it, they will not read it. However, you gather your topic, make sure to search for its popularity and only then build a blog around it.

Relatability and Relevance

Even though this is the final tip in our list, do not underestimate the importance of it. Relatability and relevance of your blog topics is of utmost importance if no one relates to your blog there aren't going to be any readers for it. One thing is for sure, if they cannot relate to the content on your website, they will not last for very long on your website. As for relevance, it is extremely simple. The ulterior motive of all blogs is to get ranked better on Google, to improve your SEO and get more readers. If the blog topic is not relevant to your business or the type of content you have, it is not going to be accepted well by Google. So, all in all, write on topics that the readers can relate with and ones that Google will find relevant and you will be golden.

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