How to enhance the e-commerce buying experience

by Rahul Singh Make My Business Online

As a business owner, especially as an e-commerce business owner, you might have to accept the fact that with the exponential growth of e-commerce over the past years, what separates you from your competitors is buying experience. You know why? Because there can be a thousand different companies selling the same product of the same quality, yet, only some brands are popular or trustworthy and one of the primary factors behind that is also “buying experience.”

How do you manage your website so that your customers have the best buying experience?

Here are some tips. 

  • Practice buying experience auditing

They say, “Don’t fix what ain’t broken.” So, unless you look deep into your e-commerce website’s functioning and the user experience factors like customer satisfaction, customer issue resolution, product reach, etc., you cannot change things to make the e-commerce buying experience better. Of course, you can do it by yourself, but, to do it well, you can consult an expert in the business, like MMBO, a top ecommerce website development company in Delhi.

  • Use pop-ups SPARINGLY

As soon as your potential customers visit your website, they should not be bombarded with pop-ups. This will only distract them or even create distaste or irritation among new visitors. But, pop-ups asking them to subscribe to your newsletter can increase your email list. So, Give them a taste of your website and keep the subscription optional but insistent. 

  • Improve the overall website speed

If you asked a website designing company in Delhi NCR or anywhere in India, they would tell you about the importance of improving your e-commerce website’s speed. Why? The attention span of an average online buyer is between 5-8 seconds, if it takes more time than that, they will probably ignore your website irrespective of your product quality. Adding a content delivery network can help, also, consulting a renowned ecommerce website development company like MMBO can give you drastically improved results. 

  • Give attention to your checkout process

Yes, we have already spoken about improving the speed of your website, but you need to give the “checkout” process more importance. It needs to be straightforward, easy, and secure. Keep it bug-free. Avoid that, and you may face constant cart abandonments. 69.23% of carts are abandoned on e-commerce websites, you don’t want it to be on your website.

  • Free-shipping can help

You can convince your buyers to make that purchase by offering them free shipping. 36% of people who would otherwise abandon cart, choose to go through with a purchase if they get free shipping. This is less of a strategy, more of a necessity these days because of the increasing competition. Trust us, people do not want to pay more to get their products delivered. 

But, if you are incapable of offering free shipping to all, you can keep it conditional, offering free shipping to only those who purchase products worth a certain amount or above. According to digital marketing companies experienced in online marketing, this works all the time. 

  • Personalize & Listen

Listen to your customer feedback, analyze it, compare it with your competitors’ approach, and work on it to create a better buyer’s experience for YOUR customers. Be inspired and evolve for betterment. Also, change your content, your advertisements, especially your emails accordingly. Only when you know what your customers want can you meet their expectations. 

  • Use social media effectively

Research makes perfect. Do not be in a hurry to put out social media content, be consistent but true to your brand. Also, try to understand what works and what doesn’t for your products. Are Facebook or Instagram stories gaining more traction than posts? What is your customer demographic interested in, and what is their language? Also, pay attention to social media reviews or even how people react to your posts. If need be, hire an online marketing expert like MMBO, a popular digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR, to help you out. Trust us, it works. 

The Final Connotation

These are only a few ways to boost the buying experience of your e-commerce website. There is a lot more you can do. You can increase payment options, you can make sure that your website is transparent, you can offer regular updates on orders, and you can also offer little surprises at checkout, like a hidden 5% off for repeat customers. The goal is to research, analyze, accept, and evolve. The key to success is to keep evolving. Don’t forget to get professional help from digital marketing companies like MMBO, who can guide you on this journey.

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