How To Encourage Your Loved One for Counseling?

by Better Lyf Online Counselling Psychologist

This is very unfortunate that even today, in this period of increasing digitalization, a societal stigma related to mental health issues still exists in India. Hence, supporting someone you care about for psychotherapy or counselling related to emotional wellbeing can be an uphill task. It may be very challenging to figure out exactly how to help them by encouraging for counselling.

First of all, it is needed to figure out whether they need help or not. Find some warning signs. It can be prolonged outbursts, anxiety, behavioural changes and changes in appearance, weight and personal hygiene. These are good trigger or symptoms to find out if they need help.

Here are some tips to help you approaching and encouraging your loved one to meet a counsellor or psychotherapist.

Approach with Empathy

Be refined in your approach when opening up the doors for meaningful conversations. Ask about their feelings, and let them open their heart out to you. Listen very patiently without any judgment or interrupting. Give them a comfort zone around you.

Approach with empathy like you already knows that this is hard for them and you are talking to them as you love them. And you can tell them that you are concerned and care for them.

At the time of your first talk, it may seem to be crucial. Try to have an honest talk it maybe during an evening walk or when watching a movie at home. Ensure that the environment is comfortable and relaxed for both of you.


Let Them Know the Importance of It 

As already mentioned due to the social stigma that is attached to mental health problems and counselling, it is necessary to make your closed one understand that it is fine to discuss the problems to seek help for the same.

The stigma attached to the mental health counselling, and thought of being judged negatively, may stop them from opening up. Deal with this by saying that like any other medical condition, such cases are very common and it is good to seek help. Show them your support and make sure that you are always there for them.

During the discussion, hear attentively and observe for their emotions. This will surely help in staying connected to them. You may also ask them to go for an evaluation if the thought of counselling sessions freaks them out. 

Anonymous and Confidential

More often, people seem unwilling to seek help from a counsellor because of the misconceptions attached to mental health counselling.

So without any hesitations gently bring up the matter on several occasions. Sometimes, people may need to hear it from different persons around them to understand the seriousness of the situation.

Before you start it, this is necessary to educate yourself about their condition and what they are going through. Confrontational counselling is a traditional way of counselling that brings good results for many, but your closed might not feel comfortable in a face to face counselling.

So you may also consider online counselling as an option if they have major concerns and are not ready for a direct traditional counselling. Simplify the procedure by classifying a professional counsellor and arranging an appointment. Also, offer to accompany them when going to the counsellor.

Get Prepared

Get prepared for your loved one who may get upset but does not get defensive. They may seem unwilling to get professional help and may respond angrily. But do not get affected by it. Think of the person who means a lot to you and that all you want for them is to heal.

Potential Outcome


Try to convince your loved one that their life will get better if they take professional help. Explain to them how counselling works for a patient and discussing personal problems, emotions and feelings in a trustworthy, confidential and safe environment.

Counselling delivers a greater vision for heightened self-acceptance, self-understanding, independence, improved relationships, high self-esteem, and healthier outlook over your life. Make sure you explain to them about all of this, as it will help them recognize their needs, and take responsibility. This way your loved one would learn to love, live and involve fully with life. So, convince them that counselling is needed to take them towards the positive side of life, the one they dreamt of living.

The most important thing for your loved one is your support, and for you to not disappoint them. Be there for them always all through their worst. Do not leave them alone until they heal. Visit to know more about how counselling helps.

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