How to Dispose Of the Menstrual Cup!!!

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Unfortunately, there will come a time when your menstrual cup will no longer serve you and will need to be replaced. So, even if your menstrual cup has reached the end of its useful life, is it still environmentally friendly?

It all depends on the material used to make your cup and how often they are used and how well they are cared for.

Most menstrual cups can be reused for 5-10 years, but you should replace them if you notice any signs of wear, such as cracks, tears, or holes. If you notice a stench that won't go away with cleaning or if the surface changes texture in any way, you should discard your menstrual cup. The presence of stains on the surface of your menstrual cup is normal and does not necessarily indicate that it needs to be replaced.

Learn to Dispose Off Old Menstrual Cup

Silicone menstrual cups should be cut into small pieces and thrown away in the trash. A silicone menstrual cup can be burned to ash at home if you don't want to throw it away. It takes a long time, so it's best done in the fireplace over several hours. You could also be resourceful and repurpose your old menstrual cup around the house or in the garden!

TPE menstrual cups: They can be recycled at any facility that accepts number 7 plastics, or they can be cut up and thrown away in small pieces.

Even though some menstrual cups cannot be recycled and are not biodegradable, when compared to disposable pads and tampons, they are still a great way to reduce waste. Every year you use a menstrual cup, you save approximately 300 disposables from being thrown away!

Rubber Latex

This is a natural product obtained from the Rubber Tree through the 'tapping' process. An incision is made in the tree's bark, and the seeping fluid is collected in vessels attached to the tree's base. The Keeper cup is one of the few brands that is fully biodegradable because it is made from raw earth material. At the end of its life, chop it up and put it in your garden or compost. If you have a latex allergy, avoid using the Keeper cup because it is made of the same rubber that is used to make latex products.

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