How to deal with the layout and noise of diesel generator room

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When selecting the plane position of the machine room for plane layout of the machine room, it should be adjacent to the power transformation and distribution room as much as possible, because it is convenient for wiring, reducing the loss of materials and electric energy, and also convenient for management. If conditions permit, the machine room is preferably located on the first floor, which is convenient for ventilation, heat dissipation and smoke exhaust.

Genset in machine room

However, in high-rise buildings and large and medium-sized commercial buildings, the first floor is usually used as a commercial house, and the owner generally does not agree with this plan, but often places the machine room in the basement. At this time, the following points should be paid attention to in selecting the location of the machine room:

(1) The machine room should have one side against the outer wall, so that the equipment ventilation and smoke exhaust are easier to handle.

(2) Attention shall be paid to the convenience of hoisting, handling and maintenance of the unit. Generally, the access to the parking garage is used as the transportation channel, but if the channel is too small, the location of the hoisting hole shall be considered.

(3)Avoid damp places, not under or next to toilets, bathrooms, pools and other places with frequent water accumulation, to avoid affecting the operation of the unit due to toilet maintenance or floor seepage. Brand of diesel generator set.

Diesel generator set is composed of diesel engine and synchronous alternator. The maximum power allowed for diesel engine is limited by the mechanical load and thermal load of parts, so it is necessary to specify the maximum power allowed for continuous operation as the rated power.

The diesel engine can not be used beyond the rated power, otherwise it will shorten its service life and even cause accidents.

According to the national standard, the rated power on the nameplate of diesel engine can be divided into the following four categories.

(1) 15min power: the maximum power that the diesel engine is allowed to operate for 15min. In a short period of time, it may overload operation and require the rated power with acceleration performance, such as the rated power of diesel engines such as automobiles and motorcycles.

(2) 1h power: the maximum effective power that diesel engine is allowed to operate continuously for 1 h. For example, the rated power of diesel engines such as wheeled tractors, locomotives and ships.

(3) 12h power: the maximum effective power that the diesel engine is allowed to operate continuously for 12h, that is, the rated power we often say. For example, the rated power of diesel engine for power station unit and construction machinery.

(4) Continuous power: that is, the maximum power that the diesel engine can operate continuously for a long time.

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