How to Deal with Menstrual Cramps?

by Ankit Sharma Women's Clinic
As a parent of a teen, you must be supportive during your daughter’s monthly periods. She may feel irritated, bloated, tired, and show mood swings about a week before her period starts. Once they begin, these symptoms go away; but then begins menstrual cramps.

Menstrual cramps are not the same in all girls. Some may experience so severe cramps that they may just want to curl up in bed; while some may sail smoothly through their periods with just a slight discomfort.

What causes menstrual cramps?
Uterine contractions cause menstrual cramps. Uterine lining secrets prostaglandins, which make these contractions painful.

Menstrual cramps can snatch away your smile for the first two days of periods. However, you must be sure that this is pain of period, cautions a reputable female gyno in Greater Noida.

Menstrual cramps are of two kinds:

1.    Primary dysmenorrhea, which is pain that arises at the time of the first period. This is normal.
2.    Secondary dysmenorrhea, which is pain that arises later even when a woman shows a history of having normal periods. This pain is not normal and may indicate some problem in pelvic organs or the uterus, such as fibroids, endometriosis, or pelvic inflammatory disease.

Severe pain

In case the period pain of your daughter does not go away with anti-inflammatory pills and she misses school or normal activity due to pain, you must seek advice from a gynecologist.

Tips for teens to reduce menstrual cramps

Mild to moderate cramps become tolerable by following the below tips:
•   Don’t just sit there focusing on the pain. Go out for a walk. Do some mild physical exercise. Stretching exercise can help. This will also divert your mind from the discomfort.
•    Take a warm bath or soak yourselves in warm bathtub for 15-20 minutes.
•    Massage warm oil gently all over your body.
•    If the pain is more than mild, you can use a heating pad and place on your pelvic area.
•    Painkillers like Ibuprofen and others are recommended by doctors for menstrual cramps. However, it is always good to consult your doctor before you take any medication.
•    Have some hot herbal tea or hot chocolate.

For parents

Your daughter may want to be left alone at this time. Let her. Every girl has her own way of tackling with menstrual cramps and PMS. You must support her at this time. This is a new thing for her, so give her time to settle. At times, it can be overwhelming for a teen to see so many changes happening in her body and then the menses.

Boys have the aggressive adrenalin rush, while girls have the dramatic mood swings. At times, it seems it is easier to raise a baby than to deal with a teenager! Yet, with a little extra understanding, some affection, a bit of friendliness, and giving lots of space to your teen, you, as a parent, can deal with your growing child smoothly.

Remember, in case your daughter experiences uncontrollable pain or abnormal bleeding, you must consult a female gyno in Greater Noida.

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