How to deal with common dental emergencies

by Allen Rose Doctor

Dental emergency

Dental emergency can happen anytime of the day and can be very painful. They strike all of a sudden and you need the help of an emergency dentist. Dental emergencies are often caused by accidents that result in blunt force trauma to face or mouth. It severely affects the gums and teeth and other parts of the mouth as well. When such conditions go undetected or left ignored, can result in serious complications. 

There are various emergency situations that can occur due to an accident or sports injury or an undergoing medical problem. Un-repairable tissue and nerve damage may happen if these conditions are not immediately brought to an emergency dental surgeon. Like all medical emergencies, dental emergencies also require qualified and experienced dental surgeons to identify the cause of the problems and treat them immediately to avoid further damage to the oral cavity, nerves and bones.         

Some of the dental emergency situations include:

·         Chipped, cracked or broken tooth

·         Lost fillings or crowns

·         Severe toothache

·         Bitten tongue or lips

·         Knocked-out tooth

·         Abscessed tooth

·         Gum disease

·         Severe gum injuries

·         Misplaced crown

Emergency dentist

An emergency dentist provides treatment even after normal office hours and on the weekends as well. They remediate the dental problems without having the patients to endure the pain until the regular dentist can see them.    

How to determine whether you have a dental emergency or not?

If you are unsure whether you immediately need to visit an emergency dentist or not, one important thing that you need to consider is dental pain. Pain is an excellent indicator of teeth or gum damage, this is the reason dentists advise their patients to immediately seek treatment for their dental conditions. Delaying treatment could lead to teeth loss or progressive gum and tissue damage.

What can be done in case of dental emergencies?

Accidents and injury to the teeth from physical activities such as sports are often unavoidable. The most important thing to consider is to immediately call your dentist and book an appointment for emergency dental care.

Here are a few tips on what to do in some emergency situations in case the dentist is not available immediately.

Severe toothache

Pain killers should not be taken immediately. These medications only cover the dental pains and do not provide a cure. Some painkillers such as aspirin are dangerous as they increase your chances of bleeding, severe bleeding only complicates the medical condition and emergency dental care is advised. A good way of decreasing dental pain is by rinsing your mouth with warm water. This is good for removing the dirt or any food particles around the affected tooth.

Fractured tooth

There is no other way to remedy this other than rushing to the dentist for emergency dental treatment. Rinsing your mouth with warm water and applying cold compress decreases the swelling and reduces pain.

Knocked-out tooth

Get a towel or any cloth and block the sink to avoid the tooth going down the drain. Rinse the tooth gently with warm water to clean it from any food particles. Place the tooth in a cup of milk and immediately bring it to your dentist.

Gum bleeding to gums, tongue or lips

Any kind of severe bleeding and deep lacerations to the gums, tongue or the lips should be cleaned with warm water and treated immediately to prevent the risk of infections.

In emergency medical conditions, seeking the immediate treatment can help you save your teeth and your beautiful smile.

If you stay in Snellville GA, you can visit Snellville Family Dental, a renowned dental clinic. They have an experienced pediatric dentist Snellville team which is adept to provide for all of your emergency dental needs. Ignoring a problem such as gum or tooth injuries can increase the risk that you will sustain more permanent damage in future. You may also need more expensive treatment later if a problem is not addressed immediately. At Snellville Family Dental, they will do everything to make sure patients are out of pain as soon as possible. If patients have any question if something is a dental emergency or not, they can Contact them to be certain. 

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