How to Create a Table of Contents in a Word Processor

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The table of contents works as a guide to the reader. It must be easy to understand and the reader-friendly so that the readers could find their desired section or page on which they want to go. You may create it manually on your system, or use a tool to create it. Make sure that content must be to the point and easily accessible according to the document.

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Here are some steps that you can follow to make the table of content

Steps for Making Table of Contents on your Word Processor

1. Now, first of all, you have to begin a new page just next to the title page because a table of contents must be just after it.

· A table of contents must be just after the title page. You should not add any extra information or introduction on this page.

2. Now have to start your table of contents by listing main titles and headings of your document. You have to write every major point of the document page in a vertical order by using the same applied font and tone. For instance, you may use ” Introduction,” “Case Study 1”, or the “Conclusion” to your subject title.

3. Then you have to provide “subtopics” or “subheadings” if needed. The subheading has its subjects under the document or file. If any of the subtitles is applicable write it under the “Heading” of your document. For example, if your heading is “Computer.” you can provide the subheading, like “System Software,” and under the heading “conclusion” you can type “Final Analysis” etc. to make things more accessible.

· Here, you may also include sub-sub headings just below your subheadings title. For Example, if you have given “System Software” under the subheading title, you can also provide its sub-sub heading title like ” MS Excel” or ” MS word” etc. that suits your subject or your document.

· In case if you do not want to provide any of the sub-sub heading titles, then you may skip this action.

4. Here you have to write the right page or sheet number of your every heading. You have to provide the starting page number of your title. It is not necessary to provide the page number where your segment or heading ends. Check out that you are providing the sheet number that gives the information related to the start of your title page.

· For Example:- In case the heading “computer” begins on “page 1” then you have to fix “page 1” to your Introduction title. If your “Conclusion” title starts from page 45. Then you have to attach the same to your Conclusion Title in the table of contents.

5. Put the materials in the table sequentially and adequately. Create two particular columns. In the first one, you have to provide the title and the subtitles under the foremost column and the sheet number in the next column line.

· Now make sure that all the subheadings are listed underneath their appropriate Headings or Major titles and they indented towards the right of their headings.

· Check that you have provided a separate page number to particular subheadings or sub-sub headings listed just below to the Heading of Table of Contents. You may also place the content at the center of the page if you wish the content to show a few spaces away from your table lines.

6. Provide an appropriate title to the Table of Content. In most cases, the title used is “Table of Contents” or only “Contents.” You have the choice of providing the Content of Title under the specific row on the uppermost portion of the page by any name you wish you provide it.

7. Now the subject title of your table of the content has been created on your Word Processor.

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