How To Convert Your Kitchen Cabinet Into A Medicine Store With Perfect Spice Mixes?

by Kristen White Blogger
Cooking is a thing that binds people across the globe through a spice box.  The Australians have always been health conscious and have turned to their spice box to fix small ailments, time and again. It is extremely easy to turn your kitchen cabinet into a medicine store and curb your dependency on over-the-counter medicines for managing small discomforts like headache and stomach problems.

If you are still wondering how to make the best use of your kitchen cabinet, we will give you a list of Australian Spices mix which you should always keep handy in your kitchen cabinet and say goodbye to the pill-popping habit.

1. Cayenne Pepper for Kicking Off Cold

Cold is a common ailment that affects us. You can head to your spice cabinet and look out for hot peppers like cayenne that will clear up your sinuses. Pepper warms up the body and stimulates blood circulation. The mucus is moved from the respiratory passages and you get relief from common cold.  Make garlic and pepper soup for doubling the anti-viral activity.

2. Turmeric for Soothing Aching Inflammation and Joints

Turmeric is rich in curcumin which imparts a bright yellow colour to the herb and is one of the best anti-inflammatory ingredients. It will provide relief from joint swelling, headaches, and arthritis. The antioxidants present in the spice helps in detoxifying the liver and can become an important ingredient in the hangover-curing elixir.

3. Dried Ginger for Nausea

Ginger has been a part of the traditional medicine for centuries. It has excellent gastrointestinal properties and can help in treating nausea with an added benefit of non-drowsiness. Even during pregnancy, ginger can be taken to treat morning sickness.

4. Cinnamon for Curing Cramps

A lot of people use cinnamon for treating menstrual cramps. The spice is rich in anti-inflammatory agents and helps in reducing the levels of a chemical, known as prostaglandin, that is responsible for causing cramps in the body.

5. Cumin, Nutmeg, Cloves, and Cardamom for Dairy Related Digestive Issues

Warming agents act as good digestive aids, especially when dealing with digestive issues arising from dairy-related products. Just add a pinch of these spices to your milkshakes and smoothies which will help the body in digesting lactose better.

6. Dried Thymes for Relieving Bronchitis and Cough

Thyme has been used since Ancient Greece for treating cough and bronchitis. Ancient medical practitioner Hippocrates mentioned the magical properties of thyme in curing cough and bronchitis. You can buy fresh thyme or use the dried one from your spice cabinet and add it to your stews, homemade popcorns, crispy chickpeas, and roasts.

So, we hope that now you feel armed with the power of your spice rack for treating common ailments. Go ahead and fill your kitchen cabinet with Australian Spice Mix and make your family healthy, wealthy, and wise. 

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