How to Clean Your House For an End of Lease Inspection

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Clean the walls

If you want to use a vacuum attachment for your walls, attach the brush to your vacuum and lift the brush up off of the floor. This will prevent any dirt from getting into the hose. Begin by vacuuming in one direction across your wall until all areas are clean. Next, move on to a damp cloth or sponge and wipe down any remaining spots that may need more attention. If there is still dust left on your wall after this step, try using a steam cleaner on it (just make sure you don’t get too close with this tool). If you don’t have access to any of these tools, simply use a paintbrush or roller along with some warm water and soap to clean off any stubborn dirt. Finally, if all else fails, get out your wallpaper steamer and blast away at those stubborn stains with the end of lease cleaning Sydney inspection!

Clean the floors

Next, you’ll want to clean the floors.

  • Vacuum the floor. This is an easy step that can be done quickly, but it’s important for a clean and tidy home. You don’t need to get out your super-expensive vacuum cleaner if yours isn’t working well — just use whatever one you already have on hand!
  • Mop the floor. Once the dust is gone, it’s time to tackle any grime that might still be lingering around. A good mop should help remove any dirt and bacteria left behind by your feet over time (and maybe even some of those pesky pet hairs), making sure that everyone who walks through your house will leave with squeaky-clean shoes in their wake!
  • Use a steam mop if possible; these are great because they eliminate germs without using harsh chemicals or detergents like chlorine bleach (which could damage your wooden floors). If not available at home, try using warm water mixed with vinegar instead — this combination will cut through grease while leaving behind no harmful residue behind when dried off later on down below after cleaning process has been completed successfully!

Clean the fans and vents

You can clean the vents by vacuuming them, but be careful not to get too close with your vacuum. It’s best to use a handheld or stick-type vacuum that can reach in and around the grills and vents. You’ll also want to clean any cobwebs out of your fans and vents as well, because these little guys are not just decorative–they harbor dust mites!

Empty the cupboards and drawers

Now that you have a clean house, it’s time to go through your cupboards and drawers. Remove everything from them, including food items if you have any left over. Then, wash down each drawer or cupboard with warm soapy water before drying it off with a cloth or paper towels if necessary. If there are any marks on shelves or walls where you’ve been storing things, remove them using an eraser or wood polish remover spray (as long as they aren’t permanent marks). Replace all of your items back into their original places and make sure they’re arranged how they were before so that everything is in good order when your landlord comes over!

Freshen up the curtains and blinds.

  • Remove dust, cobwebs and stains from curtains and blinds.
  • Clean the window frames.
  • Vacuum the curtains and blinds.
  • Wash the curtains and blinds if they need it, or throw them away if they are too old or dirty to clean up properly (this is an especially good option for sheer or delicate materials).
  • Check for holes or stains in your curtains/blinds before you sign off on them as clean — if you don’t see any but have a hunch they might be there, look really carefully at all angles with a bright light source behind them to make sure!

Get a carpet cleaner to do the carpets as they are specialists in this field.

You may be tempted to bring out the vacuum cleaner and give your carpets a good old scrub, but this isn’t a job you want to tackle yourself. Carpets are expensive and they need specialist treatment, especially if you have pets or other types of stains. If you’re looking for an affordable option, hire a professional carpet cleaner.

Do your end of lease cleaning at least two weeks before you move out

You need to give yourself enough time to do the cleaning. You don’t want your landlord thinking you are not a good tenant and therefore not pay your bond back. So make sure the house is clean, tidy and ready for inspection at least two weeks before you move out. This way, when you finally vacate the property, it will be ready for new tenants!


The end of lease cleaning Sydney inspection is a great way to make sure your house looks spotless, but it can be time-consuming and stressful. By following these tips and using the right tools, you’ll be able to clean your home in no time!

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