How to Clean Beer Lines with 10 Simple Steps

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If there is a sure-shot way of screwing up your draft beer, then nothing comes close to dirty beer lines. For god’s sake keep your draft lines clear and clean. If you have been noticing froth and bitter taste in the draft. Then it’s time to clean up your beer lines. This is something that can really ruin the best beer dispensers out there


What would happen if I don’t clean the beer lines? 


A host of pathogens can grow inside the beer lines. Bacteria, amoeba, and many other nasty things can really make you sick. That’s why keeping the beer lines clean is not an option. It is a mandate. 


What should be the cleaning frequency? 


The beer lines should be cleaned once every two weeks. You should also clean them while changing kegs. An acidic cleaning is also suggested once every 3 months. If you are following this schedule, then things will be optimal. 


How to Clean Beer Lines? 


For a regular guy like me, a home beer line cleaning kit is ok. In case you are interested, I use this Beer line cleaning kit. Buying a kit is way better than shopping for individual components. It consumes time and is not practical in the long run. 


The steps of the process are simple. Just read the instruction manual and you will do fine. One thing that I would stress upon here. Always disconnect everything to do with pressure while cleaning the lines. A lot of people have landed up in messy situations by just not following this common step. 


Still, for everyone out there I am putting the steps involved


  • Turn off your CO2 tank and regulator
  • Disconnect your faucet using your spanner wrench
  • Disconnect the coupler from your keg, and run the beer line into the bucket
  • Fill your cleaning keg with cleaning solution and water, and connect it to the faucet shank
  • Pump the cleaning solution through your system until the jar is empty
  • Disconnect cleaning jar, rinse out any remaining solution, and fill with clean water
  • Reconnect the jar, and flush the beer lines by pumping water through the system (do two times)
  • Disconnect the jar, and reconnect your faucet and coupler
  • Turn your CO2 and regulator back on


There are many other ways to get this thing done, however using a beer line cleaning kit is by far the most covenant and efficient.

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