How to Choose the Right Flood Lights? Why Consider LED Flood Lights?

by Roert Benicio Writer
LED floodlights are a cost-effective alternative to traditional halogen bulbs and can be used in home and industrial spaces. Different floodlights are suitable for different spaces and uses. The wide range of applications of flood lighting requires a variety of optics and luminous output. LEDs provide uniform and consistent light that is suitable for flood lighting due to their precise control and long-term durability.

Selecting the right LED flood lights for use in varied applications can be a really challenging task because of the number of options available for these light fixtures. Find a reliable LED lighting supplier to buy commercial Led flood light, industrial LED flood lights, hi-bay lighting, etc. at an affordable price.

While choosing the right floodlight based on your needs, there are a few things that you should consider. Take a look at those points:

Location: Where will the floodlight to be placed? On the building, on the wall, from the ceiling, in outer space, or elsewhere? Deciding the location where floodlight will be fixed will help you make the next decision.

Beam Angle: Do you need a focused light or something that covers the lawn completely or any other space? For a wider space, you need an LED flood light with a larger beam angle. Generally, a beam angle of 120 degrees is best for most needs.
Detection Angle: If you want to use a motion detection LED flood light, this is a key factor you must consider. Standard LED flood lights based on sensors only work when people or animals are directly in front of the light. On the other hand, anti-creep flood lights work even the target is on the other side of the light.

Lumens: How strong light do you want? Enough to help you navigate in space or super bright to stop the intruders? The brighter the light requirement, the more lumens required.

Color Temperature: Color temperature refers to the color appearance of light comes from a light source. When evaluating bulbs, it’s an important performance characteristic to assess, because color temperature creates the atmosphere of the space you are lighting, and therefore affects buying behavior or work performance. The apparent color of the light source is measured in Kelvin.  Higher the Kelvin temperature, more whiter the light.

Why Consider Flood Lights with LEDs?

There is no longer a dispute between LED and traditional lighting systems. LEDs are by far the most innovative lighting solutions, and they stand out in every respect. Here are some reasons why LED floodlights are the best choice

Energy Efficient

The performance of LED lights is much better than any other conventional lighting solutions, with high efficiency and showing excellent performance. By switching from traditional halogen lights to modern LED floodlights, you can save at least 88% of energy, thus you can save your money from paying extra for more energy consumption.

High Lumen Output

Lumen output is a measure of the brightness of any light source. The higher the lumen output, the brighter the light source.  LED has a high lumen output, making it ideal for flood lights.


LED lights proved to be very effective. They do not contain toxic elements and do not contain lead, mercury or glass normally found in conventional lighting solutions. They are safe for industrial workspace and the environment.
Low Maintenance

There is only one investment for LED floodlights. In fact, all LED lights hardly need maintenance during their entire service life, such as LED fluorescent lights, LED corn lights, etc.

Comes with a Motion Sensor
Most of the indoor and outdoor lights come with motion sensors. This means that the LED flood lights will automatically turn off and on.

Produce Less Heat
The operating temperature of LED Flood Light is low, so it produces less heat than fluorescent lamps.

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