How to Choose the Best Tiller for your Garden

by Kristen White Blogger
When it comes to farming, quality cannot be compromised. It’s therefore important for gardeners to pay keen attention to the kinds of equipment they select, just as they do seeds and fertiliser.

In this article, we give you helpful information on tillers that may work best for your garden.
The most basic type of rotary tiller is the front-mounted model, and it has its tines in front of the wheels. Like most tillers, the front-mounted on is powered by gasoline and starts the same way the lawnmower does. It is designed in a way that lets you adjust speed or move it backwards or forwards. You also can adjust the wheels for depth. This front-mounted tractor supply rototiller is often smaller and lighter compared to the rear-mounted ones and is ideal for loose soils or existing garden beds.
The rear-mounted rotary tiller has its tines behind the wheel. Similar to the front-mounted model, the rear-mounted rotary has speed adjustments and depth control properties, and include an adjustable handle for even further convenience. However, they do not vibrate as much as the front-mounted tillers do. The rear-mounted models are self-propelled, heavier and pricier, and are a better option for hard grounds.
Then there’s the cultivator, which is easy to use, but not as powerful as the rotary tillers. You can use a cultivator to weed your already established garden or to do some modifications into the soil. However, you cannot use it to break up soil. This equipment is light in weight, portable and cheap.
A few factors will determine the kind of tiller you pick.
The job at hand: As you may realise, the market presents a range of tillers, and each one of them is a suited for a specific function. So, you ought to pick one that will deliver the best results for your task. For instance, if you are tilling a large area with compact soil, then you should go for the rear-mounted rotary tiller. If you’re only tilling soil for a small garden, with loose dirt and no rocks, a front-mounted tiller will do the work.
Energy used: As earlier stated, most tillers use gasoline. However, some models are powered by electricity. Others run on gasoline but have electric starters. The one choose will solely depend on your preference.
Cost: Each tiller comes with a different price tag. Cultivators are the cheapest, followed by the mid-size front-tine tillers and then the larger rear-tined tillers. If you’re working on a strict budget, you may go for the more affordable options; however, you should be willing to work harder.
Where to buy tractor supply rototiller
Most retailers provide tillers through their online stores. This is in a bid to make it convenient for you because then you can purchase the equipment regardless of your location. All you need to do is go online and do your due diligence to find the best stores. You can take some time to read reviews and ask around. It’s always recommended that you work with a trusted dealer who will not only offer quality and affordable products but also after sale services.

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