How to choose the best colours for your interiors?

by Albert Stokes Digital marketer
Choosing the perfect colours that will match / compliment your furniture is a daunting task. The colours that you choose must brighten up your space if it’s your living room and be more subdued if it’s an office space etc.

Choosing the exact colours that will make your interior space more beautiful and welcoming is not as easy as it may seem. Finalising a colour should be based on a lot of things, as changing it again and again is not a feasible option. For cheap painting services in Sydney ; contact BRV Painting. They have multiple paint options and solutions for your residential and commercial space.

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A few tips to choose the best suitable colours for your interiors:

·         One common mistake that most of the people often make is picking the colour of the walls before selecting their furniture. If the size, pattern or shape doesn’t go well with the colour of the room then the whole look fails to impress.  Thus, it is advisable to always select your furniture / upholstery first and then move ahead with selecting the colours for your walls. It gives you a fair idea of what will compliment the entire look of the room. You can also pick a few pieces of art that complement the colour scheme of your interiors. For commercial spaces, go for a neutral paint in shades of whites and beiges that will bring out the patterns and details of your furniture and make it look charming.

·         Always ask for advice from the professionals that you hire; if you are unable to decide on the exact colours that you want for your rooms. Generally, monochromatic colour schemes allow you to experiment with different shades and tints of a single colour – you can always ask for a shade card. If you are looking for something bold, complementary colours work wonders – choose two colours that are bold and opposite each other on the colour wheel. You can even go for texture painting or simply choose pastel shades if you are looking for an airy and light feel.

·         Have you heard about the ‘golden ratio’? It is one way; that designers go by if the owners don’t want to experiment much with colours. Golden ratio works on 60-30-10 to give a well-balanced look to your rooms. 60% of the surface i.e. the walls, ceiling and floor are painted with the dominant colour of your choice, the rest 30% is the upholstery and furniture and the last 10% comprises of bold colours and designs to accentuate the room’s beauty appeal.

·         Contrast warm and cool colours for a better look – play with the colour wheel and visualise. Sometimes all you need is a little excitement and creativity to find the right interior paint color. You could also consider a lighter or darker shade of the same color; if you don’t want to play with bold colours. Most paint colors are provided in gradual shades in the colour booklet, but you can always ask your paint service providers to customise it for you if you want a lighter or a darker shade.

Most of the times, we pick colours from our surroundings like from online images, our friend’s home or a painting that we are fond of. However, picking the right paint colours is not always that simple. With multiple shades and tints available in the market, it is easy to get the colour scheme wrong and spoil the entire look of the interiors.  To avoid such disasters, you can follow the given tips to decide on the colours for your home / office.

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